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We help you identify and secure business tax credits and negotiate discretionary incentives.

Fund your future with tax credits and incentives

Opportunity takes investment — and to invest, businesses need financial flexibility. 

Businesses can free up funding by taking advantage of the wide range of tax credits and incentives available at the federal, state and local levels, as well as internationally. However, meeting the criteria to qualify for the different programs can be a complex undertaking.   

BDO helps you capture business tax credits and discretionary incentives across jurisdictions. We guide you through the entire process, from identifying attractive opportunities for current, retroactive and future tax years, to procurement and negotiation, to ongoing compliance. We also advise on how to apply business tax credits and incentives to support strategic business objectives – whether you’re seeking financing for innovation  or focused on improving margins. For businesses that are onshoring or expanding U.S. operations, in addition to incentives negotiation, BDO can provide site selection support to determine an optimal location for new facilities, achieve operational synergies and additional cost savings.

Through our holistic, technology-enabled approach, we are proactive in bringing cost-saving and cash generation ideas to our clients. 

How BDO Can Help

Maximize Incentive Opportunities

 Are you taking advantage of available incentives to reduce your total tax liability? Learn how different types of tax credits, incentives and exemptions can help you reduce costs, improve operating margins, or boost EBITDA. 

How are you leveraging renewable energy tax credits?

Whether you are looking to generate credits, sell credits in exchange for cash, or purchase transferable credits to lower your total tax liability and contribute to sustainability initiatives, BDO can help.

Claim Your Credits

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Investing in new property or other real estate, engaging in merger and acquisition activity, expanding operations or moving locations. 

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Investing in your workforce while focusing on diversity and facilitating access to jobs for American workers. 

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Investing, expanding or selecting a new site for your business.  

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Attempting to develop new or improved products, processes or software – successfully or not. 

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Introducing goods or services within the U.S., serving foreign markets through your U.S. C-corporation and more. 

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Investing in energy-efficient and sustainable technologies. 

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Buying or selling transferable tax credits to increase project economics or lower tax liability.

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BDO's Total Tax Approach

Combining our deep technical knowledge and global reach with emerging technologies, we work collaboratively to address your tax reporting obligations, transform your tax operations, and identify opportunities across your total tax footprint.

Total Tax Transparency & ESG Tax Strategy

From tax contributions that fund key social benefits to environmental taxes and green subsidies, tax plays a critical role in the ESG conversation. Bring a total tax mindset to your ESG strategy.

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