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Our U.S. and global tax professionals provide an efficient, technology-driven, holistic view of your total tax liability

Strategy to support your global business 

Growth opportunities are driving business decisions across borders, creating the potential for greater value while significantly increasing tax complexity and risk.  

Businesses and organizations operating internationally face many challenges: managing their global tax burden, understanding global trade, complying with evolving regulatory and reporting standards and mitigating supply chain disruption, to name a few.   

Global tax compliance is complex. Your business benefits from a focus on international tax planning that mitigates compliance risk while supporting your strategic growth. BDO leverages leading-edge technology and our global capabilities to meet your cross-border tax obligations and anticipate the effects of global tax reform on your business.  

Through our Total Tax Approach, we take an integrated view of your tax liabilities domestically and abroad to help you reduce your global tax burden.  Our international tax advisors provide the perspective and experience you need to take advantage of planning opportunities and mitigate the risks of operating in multiple jurisdictions to help you prosper in new markets. 

How BDO Can Help

International Tax Case Studies


We provide the following managed services:

We help you identify and claim tax incentives across the globe. Learn more about our approach to helping clients capture business credits and incentives.

We help you navigate international tax complexity through:
  • Inbound and Outbound Strategies for companies engaging in cross-border sales, investments, or partnerships
  • International Desks dedicated, single points-of-contact, coordinating issue-specific, regulation-specific, and country-specific resources
  • Risk Management and Compliance – mitigating risk by identifying areas of concern early and implementing effective and efficient corrective strategies

We help multinational companies navigate the complex rules governing the cross-border movement of merchandise through:
  • Strategy: Identify risks and key areas of opportunity for duty refunds and savings
  • Planning: Mitigate exposure and identify options for tariffs engineering
  • Compliance: Design in-house customs and international trade compliance programs

We help businesses across the information reporting lifecycle, including:
  • Integrated withholding tax and reporting services
  • FATCA and CRS consulting and compliance services
  • Qualified Intermediary services 

We help clients manage all aspects of the impact and risk associated with indirect taxation. Services include:
  • VAT/GST registration
  • Strategic planning Risk management
  • VAT/GST compliance
  • Tax systems automation
  • Oversight and assurance
  • Reporting and analysis 

Global Tax Reform 

Policymakers across countries are addressing the globalization of business activity by working toward a fairer tax system - a global tax framework. With reform comes ongoing change and considerable implications for multinational businesses.

BDO keeps a close watch on global tax reform and shares what it means to global organizations. 


Global Value Chain

BDO’s Global Value Chain Solutions help you overcome obstacles, unlock new value for customers and evolve your supply chain in sync with our increasingly connected world.

U.S. Inbound Tax Planning

A shared vision of growth for a successful future in the U.S.

In today’s global economy, there is an increasing interest for non-U.S. based businesses, executives and families to have a U.S. presence. However, tax laws and reporting requirements may seem complex and daunting to those wanting to expand into the U.S. At BDO, we have the experience to address tax planning considerations wherever they may arise. As the U.S. member of BDO International Limited, with more than 1,700 offices across 164 countries, our team of international tax and private client service professionals help navigate tax concerns impacting businesses and individuals.

An integrated approach to U.S. expansion and growth:

US Inbound Tax Planning for Expansion and Growth Graphic

2024 Tax Strategist Cross-Border Webcast Series

Growth opportunities are driving business decisions across borders, creating the potential for greater value as well as increased tax complexity and risk. BDO’s quarterly Tax Strategist Cross-Border Webcast Series provides the information companies need to take advantage of planning opportunities while minimizing the risks associated with operating in multiple jurisdictions.

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