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60-second Retail Podcast Series

At BDO we know it takes time to stay up to speed on the rapidly changing Retail & Consumer Products industry. That’s why we’re doing the leg work for you in our new BDO podcast, 60-second Retail. We’ll keep you in-the-know on events and trends impacting your bottom line in just a few short minutes, so you can spend your time where it counts most – running your business.

Hosted by Natalie Kotlyar, Retail and Consumer Products National Leader and Assurance Partner, each episode examines hot and trending topics effecting the ability to drive business forward. While the format varies throughout the series, with some episodes featuring guest speakers, after listening to 60-second Retail you’ll be armed with new information, strategies and tips on how to navigate your business through these trying times.

New episodes are posted every couple weeks, so make sure to check back soon for more!
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Episode 6: Retail in the Red: 2020 1H Store Closures (Part 2)

In this episode we continue the conversation with David Berliner, Partner & National Leader of Business Restructuring at BDO USA, taking a closer look at the trends around store closures, and get his take on whether there will be a second wave before the end of the year.

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Episode 5: Retail in the Red: 2020 1H Bankruptcy Filings (Part 1)

With COVID-19's intensification of existing pain points felt by brick-and-mortar retailers, the accelerated pace of bankruptcies going into the second half of the year has hit a record high.  In this episode, David Berliner, Partner & National Leader of Business Restructuring at BDO USA, discusses where the staggering number of bankruptcy filings is concentrated, the general outcomes for filing, and the outlook for the second half of 2020.

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Episode 4: Black Friday & Thanksgiving Predictions

Some of the largest shopping centers and Black Friday heavy hitters are planning to close their doors on Thanksgiving Day, and many Americans are planning to sit Black Friday out.  What can retailers do to mitigate what may end up being a lackluster Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day weekend?

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Episode 3: Holiday Season Buying Trends

With consumers desire for holiday shopping channels that are sanitary and contactless, what can retailers do to support people's new daily routines both online and in-store?  How might consumers choose to spend their dollars this year compared to previous trends given the stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions?

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Episode 2: When Does Holiday Shopping Really Start?

Amazon Prime Day shifting to October may make holiday shopping easier, but will it lead to a decrease in spending overall?  How does the vast majority of holiday shopping shifting to online impact consumer spending in Q4?

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Episode 1: Lessons Learned from Back to School

COVID has created a significant amount of uncertainty, and the widespread adoption of e-learning left consumer spending expectations up in the air this fall. What will consumers be buying and when?  Not only are spending amounts and categories big questions, but when will retailers feel the full effect of BTS shopping?  And is it over?

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