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We help you turn intercompany challenges into opportunities to increase profit, improve cash flow and reduce risk.

Create value at every stage of the transfer pricing lifecycle

Transfer pricing is more than a compliance exercise — it’s a strategic value driver for your organization. 

Navigating the global tax regulatory landscape requires not only deep knowledge of complex regulations, but also the ability to adapt quickly as those regulations evolve. For multinational companies, intercompany transactions and the rules governing them are among the greatest sources of tax risk – and most significant opportunities to generate value. 

BDO works with you to align your transfer pricing strategy with your global business operations and strategic goals. We help you review and refine your policies, pricing methods and documentation to new international transfer pricing developments and prepare you for increased regulatory scrutiny. Our transfer pricing team takes a total tax approach that factors in your business objectives, tax attributes, internal operations, technology, and data to identify planning opportunities. Focused on balancing risk mitigation with value creation, we leverage real-time data models and scenario planning technology to track intercompany flows and map potential changes.  

Our professionals are engaged with our clients through every stage of the transfer pricing lifecycle — from intercompany planning and design to efficient and accurate implementation that increases shareholder confidence — all while prioritizing compliance and managing risk. 

Transfer Pricing Triggers

Does your organization need to review its transfer pricing positions? The following may indicate operational fact patterns have changed or that new opportunities may emerge. 

  • Supply Chain Transformation 
  • M&A Integration
  • Legal Entity Rationalizations
  • Intercompany Financing Needs
  • Inconsistent Global Profits 
  • Significant R&D
  • Regulatory Concerns
  • Centralization of Functions or Centers of Excellence
  • Significant Transactional Tax Costs

Creating value across the transfer pricing lifecycle


Global Value Chain

BDO’s Global Value Chain Solutions help you overcome obstacles, unlock new value for customers and evolve your supply chain in sync with our increasingly connected world.

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BDO's Total Tax Approach

At BDO, we combine our technical knowledge with emerging technologies and work collaboratively to address your tax reporting obligations, transform your tax function and identify opportunities across your total tax footprint. 

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