R&D Tax Credits & Incentives

Supercharge innovation efforts with federal, state and non-U.S. R&D tax credits and incentives.

Accelerate the pursuit of innovation with R&D tax credits

Innovation eventually pays dividends – but it can be expensive to get off the ground. 

Yet every year, billions of dollars in credits and incentives to offset innovation costs go unclaimed because many companies don’t realize they qualify. Any company that has devoted resources toward developing new products, processes or software – successfully or not – may be eligible. The benefits for your business can be significant: materially reducing your effective tax rate or providing an injection of cash. 

R&D incentives are offered at the federal and state levels, as well as in more than 40 countries around the world. Incentives may include refundable or transferable research tax credits, deductions, super-deductions, cash, and other grants. Even if you are already claiming, you may be leaving money on the table if you aren’t using the stages of your development process and related documentation to identify and support your credit. 

BDO's R&D tax service team is dedicated to helping clients identify, calculate and claim the maximum benefit their R&D activities support. Over the past twenty years, we’ve helped clients claim billions of dollars in R&D tax credits with tax planning for R&D. We also work with clients to implement tools and processes to streamline future year credit claims and offer exam and appeals support. 

Schedule a complimentary R&D review or use our R&D Tax Credit Calculator to estimate your potential benefit. 


How BDO Can Help


Assess Eligibility 

Identify all potentially qualifying projects and associated expenses to claim full benefits. 


Substantiate Claims 

Provide comprehensive documentation to support your claim through an audit. 


Claim Global Credits 

Leverage BDO’s global network to capitalize on R&D tax credits and incentives available from more than 40 countries around the world.   


Generate Cash 

Increase cash flow by as much as 9% of qualified spending for federal taxes and as much as 40% in some states.


Improve Processes 

Develop and implement procedures and technologies to identify, document and calculate future credits, more efficiently and more effectively. 

R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Are you capturing the full benefit of R&D tax creditsDiscover if you qualify and estimate your potential benefit with our online calculator. 

Key Benefits of Our R&D Tax Approach

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Identifies more qualified costs

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Saves company time

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Leverage our clients' internal resources

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Supports more qualified costs on exam

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