Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diverse perspectives. Deeper insights.

Listen. Learn. Act. Thrive.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at BDO starts the way everything at BDO starts  with relationships. As we continuously work to fulfill our core purpose of Helping People Thrive Every Day, we are focused on understanding the experiences of our professionals, listening to their challenges and ideas, and putting thought into action; not only to better support our people, but to better meet the needs of our clients and our communities. 

Our Inclusion Groups 

Our inclusion groups are a critical part of our DEI efforts. Each group began with its own grassroots movement and is championed by BDO leaders who are passionate about DEI and dedicated to advocating for their peers. While the groups serve as a safe space for our people to connect, they are also a catalyst for change. Our inclusion leaders are encouraged to connect directly with firm leadership, ensuring that the ideas and feedback shared in these forums are heard and addressed. 

The multicultural alliance is designed to further BDO’s efforts in promoting an environment that is racially and ethnically inclusive. The group raises awareness throughout the firm and helps our racially and ethnically diverse professionals, and their allies, support and celebrate one another while discussing ways to engage their BDO colleagues on topics critical to the advancement of professionals of color. 

In recognition that women in corporate America continue to face subtle, yet at times powerful, challenges to achieving the highest levels of success, this inclusion group is designed to fuel the advancement of BDO’s women professionals. 

This community serves as a valuable resource for our LGBTQ+ professionals, as well as their allies. Their mission is to provide a forum for people to connect with and support one another and to provide networking and community outreach opportunities nationwide. 

BDO values the knowledge and experience of our former military personnel and the insight they bring to their work at BDO. The group includes military members and veterans, as well as our professionals who have family members currently serving. 

BDO is committed to making work+life fit more manageable for our working parents, especially as the lines between personal and professional have become even more blurred in recent years. This inclusion group focuses on providing resources and connections that help BDO parents navigate their unique situations so they — and their families — thrive. 

Meet our Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

To help foster connection and change at BDO, our leadership team appointed Bernadette (Bernie) Pieters as our first Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. In this role, Bernie, a leader in the firm since 1999, oversees and drives forward the firm’s DEI strategy, spearheading key programs that create impact and help build a sustainably inclusive culture for our people.

“The road to true inclusion starts by strengthening the trust we place in one another through challenging conversations and hard work. When we come together to foster understanding and empathy, there are no limits to what we can achieve.” 

Bernie Pieters

The Future Is a Blank Canvas, Ours To Create

When we envision the future we want for our firm, one thing is clear. It is a future we must design together, through intentional connection, mutual respect and true understanding. Our Blank Canvas videos feature Chief DEI Officer Bernie Pieters in a series of discussions about celebrating differences, overcoming challenges and how we can move the needle one conversation at a time.



When do we start to see difference? Bernie speaks to children to explore when and how they see difference, when and why they don’t, and what we can accomplish when we work together.


Unspoken Conversations

How can conversation lead to progress? Bernie speaks with six BDO professionals about their challenges, the importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and how intentional engagement can help drive change.

A Place for All To Thrive  

Our office is filled with a diverse range of people with all sorts of backgrounds, perspectives and thoughts, and a lot of times we have passionate discussions where people don’t agree on a topic. It’s been incredible to see these individuals come together on our Bay Area Multicultural Alliance calls and still have respectful conversation, hear each other out and open their minds to different perspectives.

Saloni Kamdar
Assurance Experienced Manager

I helped develop the BDO Global Portal, and I get to travel the world helping people implement software. I might be legally blind, but I’m thriving because BDO gives me everything I need and more.

George Marriott
Assurance Senior Manager, BDOADVANTAGE

One of the reasons I chose BDO as a new career path on my journey in life was the inclusion the firm offers its employees. As I was interviewing, Pride Month was in full swing and BDO had the Pride logo on the website. That let me know this was a place that I could feel included, free to be myself and safe amongst my peers.

Kevin Cohenour
Administrative Assistant

BDO USA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transparency Report

BDO’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transparency Report provides transparency into our DEI strategies, workforce demographics, recruiting and retention efforts, and areas of external engagementWe are holding ourselves accountable to taking the steps we know are essential to continue to strengthen our culture, empower our people and drive positive change.

Inclusion Groups Impact

In FY22, BDO offered 200+ inclusion office activities and communication touchpoints with over 10,500 participants.
This is what our professionals had to say about our inclusion activities:


said that inclusion activities helped them focus on thriving at work


understand how they can contribute to a culture of inclusion


believe inclusion events help strengthen relationships with their colleagues

"It won’t be easy to foster the kind of inclusion we’re aiming for. That’s because there are no shortcuts along the way. Inclusion is a process of listening and learning that starts with personal connection."

 Wayne Berson, Chief Executive Officer

Messages From BDO Leadership 

Hear directly from BDO leaders on why diversity, equity and inclusion matters at BDO, in our industry and more broadly as a society