ESG Strategy & Program Development Services

With you at every stage of your ESG journey

Integrating ESG is not a check-the-box exercise, and the journey is not linear. 

Each company’s path toward sustainability is unique. BDO can help you incorporate ESG into your corporate strategy by aligning your business model with the issues and concerns of highest importance to your stakeholders. Building sustainability and resilience into your business doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey that cultivates the greatest benefits via a disciplined and pragmatic approach.

In addition to better responding to the demands of customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders, organizations that develop an ESG strategy and program frequently enjoy competitive advantage, preferential access to and reduced cost of capital and lower reputational risk. They also attract and retain superior talent, address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting requirements and drive organizational resilience. 

BDO works with you to build an ESG program that creates long-term, sustainable value for your organization and your stakeholders. We focus on setting achievable goals and milestones that advance your sustainability agenda at your own pace.

How BDO Can Help

ESG Journey Design

Design a company's sustainability strategy and program roadmap

Sustainability Reporting

Advance ESG reporting and disclosure readiness including reporting for climate-related risks

ESG Ratings Improvement

Support improvement of ESG ratings and sustainability storytelling

GHG Impact Calculation & Target Setting

Prepare GHG inventory and devise science-based targets and net-zero strategies

ESG Governance, Policies and Procedures

Establish ESG and sustainability practices aligned with global standards and frameworks (including GHG Protocol, SASB, UNPRI, UNSDGs, GRI, CDP, TCFD)

SOX Readiness

Map processes and develop controls over ESG reporting subject to SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)

Develop a Customized ESG Program

Our dedicated ESG professionals meet you where you are to guide you along your journey. We’ll take you through our five-phased approach to develop a customized program that delivers lasting impact.

Phase 1

Perform a readiness assessment

Phase 2

Understand your stakeholders and determine materiality

Phase 3

Develop your strategic roadmap

Phase 4

Collect data and establish controls

Phase 5

Prepare your sustainability report

Prepare for the SEC’s Proposed Climate Risk Disclosures

The SEC’s Proposed Climate Risk Disclosures have made ESG reporting a priority for public companies and many private companies within their value chains. Not only will the rule require disclosure of GHG emissions in annual reports and registration statements, but it also requires certain businesses to obtain third-party assurance over their reporting. 

You can trust BDO to listen and understand your needs as you prepare for compliance with the proposed disclosure requirements. We can help you establish and implement new systems and internal controls over ESG data as well as automate data capture, analysis and ongoing reporting.

Visit our comprehensive resource center to learn what you need to know and how to prepare. 

Your ESG Journey

At BDO, we can help demystify ESG and bring clarity to the complex, no matter where you are in your journey. Together, we’ll create a roadmap that gets you from where you are today to where you want to go.

Starting your ESG journey

Identifying your most important ESG factors 

Developing your ESG strategic roadmap 

Managing reliability of your ESG data 

Navigating your ESG reporting and communications 

Transforming your business to align with your ESG strategies  

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