Site Selection & Incentives Consulting

Secure the optimal location with maximum incentives as possible.

Helping you maximize investments in people, capital and facilities

Where you locate your facilities affects every aspect of your business, from logistics to employee recruitment to your bottom line.  

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Site Selection & Incentives Expertise

Finding the ideal long-term location requires analysis of many factors, such as proximity to key suppliers and customers, quality of the workforce, real estate and business costs, and available incentives to name a few. To achieve full ROI from the investment, businesses need to be savvy about how they approach the site selection and incentives negotiation process as well as capitalize on all available statutory credits for which they qualify.

BDO’s Site Selection & Incentives practice has decades of experience negotiating and securing some of the largest incentives packages ever offered in North America. The members of the BDO team have negotiated more than $3 billion in incentives on behalf of our clients in the last 15 years. 

BDO helps you identify and capture statutory business tax credits across jurisdictions. We advise taking advantage of credits that support business objectives such as expansion, onshoring and long-term business growth. Learn more about the tax credits and incentives opportunities for your organization.

Diverse Industry Experience

Our team has diversified industry experience working on major projects ranging from finding new greenfield sites for major manufacturing facilities, locating new corporate headquarters, and advising on back-office relocations and renewals. Our political, geographic, and technical tax knowledge of incentives programs, combined with our relationships with key political players provides our clients with a distinct competitive advantage.

Our demonstrated methodology is customized to be project specific and is designed to identify, negotiate, and secure the maximum package of usable incentives. We focus on the compliance process so that every dollar negotiated is collected.

employees reviewing possible site locations

How BDO Can Help

Are you planning on seeking funding from the CHIPS Act?

Competition for funds will be fierce. You need to make sure your application is as strong as possible to maximize your chances of obtaining funding. Let BDO help you prepare. 

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