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Future-ready IT strategies for an AI-driven world

In an increasingly hybrid world, characterized by widespread remote collaboration and rapidly accelerating AI adoption, every organization has to find a balance between cloud and traditional IT that supports new business performance without compromising their security, manageability, or budget.

BDO can help you articulate your objectives, define a successful outcome, and implement a plan that satisfies your needs. Our cloud and infrastructure services can begin from the perspective of IT operations, or they can be driven by leaders of the organization. In either case, we work to create alignment between those responsible for business strategy and the people in charge of IT delivery. These alignments are informed by detailed assessments of the gaps between business objectives — including AI adoption — and the capability of existing IT resources and infrastructure.

Our subsequent strategic recommendations are designed to address current gaps while preparing the necessary foundations for organizational evolution and growth. For most organizations, this means a combination of public cloud computing resources and traditional, on-premises infrastructure.

In these models, public cloud resources can support data- and compute-intensive applications including generative AI, while on-premises resources power applications and use cases with complex challenges including regulatory compliance, massive accumulations of data, or latency and response times.

In every case, BDO can support assessment, strategy, and systems integration, including cloud management platforms that can deliver consistent, cloudlike experience across the entire hybrid ecosystem.

How BDO Can Help


From full performance assessment to cost optimization, security auditing, and more, we can evaluate your IT performance against both industry benchmarks and your organization’s strategic needs and future objectives — providing objective grounds for confident decision-making.

The choice is no longer public cloud versus on-premises infrastructure. When the right answer is “both,” we can help you define the best ways to balance the different approaches for the greatest value, performance, and security.

Whether we’ve worked with you to develop an IT transformation strategy, or you need assistance in executing your own vision for the future of your IT ecosystem, BDO can help provide end-to-end integration support, including engagement with cloud partners such as Microsoft Azure.

From specialized advice in support of new initiatives to larger-scale engagements in which we manage entire portions of your IT ecosystem and infrastructure, BDO can provide strategic IT operations and management support, freeing your people for higher-value functions.

BDO Global Recognized as Winner of Multiple 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

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