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Driving Retail Toward Radical Resilience

Retail and consumer product companies seek stability and predictability, but dynamic market conditions are creating unexpected headwinds.

Unforeseen supply chain delays, economic turbulence and rapid demand pattern changes are just a few of the disruptive trends reshaping the retail landscape. Effectively navigating these industry-wide issues requires insight, innovation and intent.

At BDO, we arm retail and consumer product companies with data-driven insights, honest perspective and innovative thinking to help future-proof their business. Bringing hands-on industry experience, our people are dedicated to helping retailers meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Offering a comprehensive suite of assurance, tax, technology and advisory services, BDO provides both strategic direction and execution to enable retailers to adapt, pivot and sustain growth. From liquidity issues to evolving customer preferences to the shift to sustainability, we can help.


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BDO provides audit, tax and advisory services to traditional retail, consumer product and e-commerce companies, ranging from emerging businesses to multinational Fortune 500 corporations.

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60-second retail BDO podcast series

60-Second Retail Podcast Series

Every day, new events and hurdles arise that retailers must navigate. A disruptive retailer gains market share. A social platform offers a new opportunity to reach customers. A regulation is introduced that impacts retailers’ compliance status. Understanding the issues and their impacts are the first steps to addressing them.

Tune in to BDO’s 60-Second Retail Podcast to stay in-the-know on the latest news and trends shaping the retail and consumer products industry.

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    Natalie Kotlyar

    National Managing Principal, Industry Groups; Retail & Consumer Products National Industry Leader; Israel Desk Leader

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Everything we do is rooted in our core purpose to help people thrive every day. It’s not only the right business thing to do; it’s the right human thing to do. This starts by putting our people at the center of our work and extends to how we treat and value our people, our clients and our communities. With a dedication to quality and a purpose-driven culture, BDO offers a powerful choice both for clients and those seeking rewarding professional careers.