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Guard your digital assets and your business with a robust, proactive, multilayered cybersecurity strategy

Robust protection for your data, your reputation, and the future of your business

Every organization today must contend with the risks and consequences of cybersecurity incidents — from data breaches that expose sensitive internal or customer data to denial-of-service exploits, malware incidents, and even ransomware attacks that can bring operations to a halt. Simultaneously, organizations struggle to define the appropriate level of investment in cybersecurity protection, which can be difficult to quantify in terms of a return on the outlay.

BDO can help you understand the dangers threatening your digital assets and the need for reasonable defenses, then design and implement a security solution that’s right for your business. Our cybersecurity solutions and consulting services play a critical role in protecting not just your confidential data, but also your reputation, the confidence of your customers, and even the future success of your business.

Cybersecurity must be part of every business process, embedded in every business concern — especially as you move quickly to embrace new technologies and opportunities. Without appropriate safeguards, conducting business online can expose your organization to a growing variety of risks.

How BDO Can Help

Perpetual Defense

Our cybersecurity strategy is built on the principles of Perpetual Defense, a multilayered approach that combines enterprise-class technologies and security practices that have been tested, refined, and proven across hundreds of successful engagements worldwide.

BDO evaluates your digital assets and cybersecurity and provides clear, actionable directions for your infrastructure costs and defenses. As part of this process, we examine your third-party solutions for opportunities to consolidate vendors; we inventory your licenses to reduce waste; and we assess your readiness for next-generation artificial intelligence applications.

BDO manages your digital security from our operations center, continuously monitoring your system for anomalies, responding quickly to alerts, and taking all necessary actions. When new threats are identified by our industry partners anywhere in the world, we are able to proactively inoculate your systems to resist them.

BDO conducts internal and external penetration testing using known attack vectors and zero-day exploits to confirm that your cybersecurity defenses are up to the challenge. When a probe reveals a gap in security, it can be corrected immediately with appropriate software upgrades, changes in network configuration, or adjustments to security policies.


We help you evaluate your digital assets, understand potential risks, and plan an intelligent, effective cloud defense strategy that will protect your confidential information, your client responsibilities, and your business reputation.

We help you organize, structure, and secure your data by establishing reasonable access controls to preserve confidentiality and privacy, ensuring that necessary information remains available for authorized users while preventing accidental or deliberate breaches.

Using industry-leading tools like Microsoft Purview, we can help you organize, manage, and secure your data across multiple environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

We monitor your digital assets for signs of intrusion or compromise, and proactively update and maintain your security software to counter known and emerging threats as they are discovered and cataloged by our industry partners worldwide.

Aggressive penetration testing validates the effectiveness of your cybersecurity and exposes potential vulnerabilities, enabling us to discover and close gaps in your security by deploying new technologies or adjusting policies.

We audit your overall cybersecurity posture for compliance with government and industry regulations and standing service agreements, identify potential gaps in security or points of noncompliance, and recommend corrective steps.

BDO Global Recognized as Winner of Multiple 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

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