ESG Assurance

Provide confidence in your environmental, social and governance data.

Trustworthy data for actionable insights.

Reliable, consistent data should be at the heart of every ESG program.  

As ESG reporting becomes commonplace, stakeholders are scrutinizing the information put in front of them. They expect ESG reporting to be clear, accurate and reliable – and view ESG claims with a healthy dose of skepticism. New regulations, such as the SEC’s proposed climate rules and the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, will further increase ESG reporting scrutiny and introduce an independent assurance requirement.  

BDO provides third-party assurance that enhances the credibility of your ESG information and instills confidence in your stakeholders. Our team combines deep knowledge of the ESG landscape and sustainability reporting standards with the discipline of seasoned auditors. We work with you to identify the appropriate level of assurance for your non-financial information based on where you are in your ESG journey and what matters most to your stakeholders. 

How BDO Can Help


We help you gauge your readiness for attestation through an assessment of your controls and data quality. Our team identifies issues and areas for improvement to prepare you for future attestation. 

Guided by our commitment to objectivity and audit quality, we provide attestation of your ESG data, reporting, and disclosures in accordance with U.S. and International standards. 

We provide ESG attestation at both limited and reasonable levels of assurance:
  • Limited Assurance: We conduct a review of your ESG data to provide limited assurance that no material modifications are necessary for a fair and balanced presentation of your ESG reporting in accordance with the reporting standards you select. 
  • Reasonable Assurance: We conduct an audit to provide reasonable assurance that a fair and balanced presentation of your ESG reporting has been made in accordance with the reporting standards you select. 

Scoping Your Attestation

Through a scoping exercise, we work with you to understand what information is most meaningful to your stakeholders – and where a third-party lens can add the most value. Frequent areas of focus include: 


Human Capital

Community Engagement

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The BDO Difference

Practical Approach 

We keep things simple, focusing on what’s achievable for you tomorrow based on where you are today. 

Industry Experience

We understand sector-specific stakeholder expectations and disclosure best practices.   

Middle Market Focus 

We know how middle market companies operate and factor those nuances into our approach. 

ESG Acumen 

We bring a rich understanding of ESG reporting standards, from general reporting frameworks to more specific climate standards. 

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