Climate Mitigation Services

Create value through an effective climate strategy

Drive your business strategy forward while advancing sustainability

Do you know your organization’s climate impact? 

Sustainability has become a business imperative across all industries, and companies are urgently seeking clarity on their natural resource consumption and environmental impacts. But companies need more than a status report — they need a comprehensive strategy to create value sustainably.  

Climate mitigation is not a zero-sum game. By connecting your organization’s climate mitigation efforts to your business strategy, you can simultaneously drive commercial and environmental success. 

We collaborate with companies to create practical, holistic strategies rather than point solutions, which can overlook critical risks or opportunities. 

Our professionals bring deep industry experience to develop a strategic roadmap and business case for climate mitigation, leveraging tax incentives and addressing compliance requirements. We manage climate initiatives through design, implementation and maintenance to help companies deliver on sustainability commitments that align with the company’s broader strategic growth agenda.

How BDO Can Help

Supporting Climate Mitigation

BDO supports climate change mitigation strategy and implementation across a broad range of remediation activities.


  • Data Collection Improvement 
    for Depth & Accuracy
  • Peer Benchmarking


  • Emission Generation 
  • Water Usage
  • Waste Creation


  • Green Fuels
  • Carbon Offsets
  • Power Purchase Agreements


  • Net-Zero Products
  • Environmental Credit Qualification & Monetization Strategy

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At BDO, we’re on our own net-zero journey. You can read about our commitments to reduce our climate impact and our other sustainability goals in our annual sustainability report.

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