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Unlock trusted data and drive business strategy with AI-powered analytics

Most businesses accumulate massive amounts of data. They know — or believe — that it has value, but they lack the experience, infrastructure, and tools to integrate their data stores into their business applications and processes.

BDO can help unlock the value in your business data and put it to work — empowering your people’s decision-making, supporting new strategies, and driving performance across your organization.

While businesses have traditionally stored and analyzed data in operational silos, BDO anchors our offering on the foundational understanding that the true power of data comes when it is analyzed as a whole, and with the performance of the entire business in mind.

Our data and analytics consulting practice helps you achieve a consolidated, standardized, scalable data architecture, ready for the advanced analytics — including machine learning and AI — that transform structured and unstructured data from across the organization into trusted, actionable insights: powering business strategy, enabling automation, and unlocking new revenue.

Our deliverables include:

  • AI-powered analytics
  • Data management
  • Scalable data architecture
  • Microsoft Fabric implementation
  • Analytics and process automation

How BDO Can Help

The BDO Analytics Maturity Model 

Analytics exist along a continuum of increasing complexity and increasing business value, from simple reporting to generative AI and AI-powered cognitive analytics. Movement along this continuum creates the opportunity to drive increasingly significant outcomes from the data you create and collect. 

Icon of analytics in magnifying glass

Descriptive Analytics

"What happened?"

Icon of gears turning with technology

Diagnostic Analytics

"Why did it happen?"

Icon of laptop with bar chart

Predictive Analytics

"What might happen?"

Icon of person at computer with gear

Prescriptive Analytics

"What should I do?"

Icon of person with question mark

Cognitive Analytics

"What don't I know?"

Three key principles underlying BDO’s approach to advancing analytics maturity. 

Data is the foundation of analytics. It must be refined, rationalized, standardized, and properly governed, and a centralized data strategy and scalable architecture are essential. BDO can help assess your current state, develop your data strategy, and define the technological and operational investments necessary for success.

Advancing an analytics program is part technology and part evangelism: The right data infrastructure is of no value if the workforce resists the effort of adapting to use it. Our change management professionals can help enlist your people in the methods and importance of analytics adoption, helping them develop the insights that drive outcomes.

Data and analytics require significant investment in people, process, and technology. BDO can help define potential ROI at the outset of your analytics journey and then monitor and guide your progress from near-term wins to transformational advancement.

BDO Global Recognized as Winner of Multiple 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

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