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Today’s organizations often struggle with software that’s outdated, or unsupported, or too limited, or too complicated. There are too many choices in the market — how can IT managers and decision-makers know which applications are right for their business, or whether custom software is the right approach? 

Business processes, customer expectations, and technology tools are continually evolving. To stay competitive in the digital era, your people need the right tools and applications to accelerate their workflows, streamline processes, and simplify customer engagement. 

At BDO, our software professionals have the broad technology experience and specific industry knowledge to recommend the right applications for your business — and to develop custom solutions to give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. 

  • Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs) and productivity software improve communication, collaboration, and efficiency in your workforce, making your business agile and responsive to customer needs. 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you manage customer information and streamline interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, from marketing and business development to sales and customer service. 
  • Custom Applications Development by our skilled software developers can create tailored business applications with the specific features and broad system compatibility you need to deliver unique value for your customers.

Modernizing your business practices and selecting the right technology can be daunting and complicated challenges. Trust BDO to provide the advice and direction you need to adapt your business for today’s most advanced technologies.

How BDO Can Help


From initial design to final deployment, our custom solutions are built from the ground up to integrate perfectly with your business operations.

We use agile practices to manage projects efficiently, ensuring timely delivery while accommodating changes in scope and focus.

We help ensure that new software solutions work seamlessly with your existing systems, minimizing disruption and maximizing compatibility.

Our UX professionals make sure that the software is not only functional but also intuitive and easy to use for everyone in your organization.

We help businesses modernize their IT landscape through the integration of cloud, IoT, and AI technologies, making them more agile and innovative.

Our consultants provide seasoned advice to help you make informed decisions about technology platforms, ecosystems, and related investments that will best meet your strategic goals.

Our consultants implement leading commerce and customer relationship platforms to enhance your business.

Enhance your developer productivity by adopting modern techniques for software development. Our experienced team will elevate your people, processes, and technology toolchain to modernize your development organization.

BDO Global Recognized as Winner of Multiple 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

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