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From heightened stakeholder scrutiny on permissible uses of data to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, the stakes for privacy and data protection have never been higher.

Improving the customer experience while ensuring that data rights are protected is a top priority for organizations. With the advent of always-on, app-based services, increased use of social media, and ubiquity of mobile devices, more personal data than ever is being collected, retained, and transferred to third parties without consumers’ approval. Organizations must find a way to balance expectations for enhanced customer experiences that require individuals’ personal data with the individuals’ demands for greater control over their personal data. At the same time, organizations must meet disparate — and sometimes conflicting —privacy and cybersecurity requirements at the state, federal and international levels.

BDO helps you develop and implement a comprehensive privacy and data protection strategy to maintain global compliance and responsibly handle personal information.

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Our global team brings together privacy engineers, technologists, legal professionals, and industry consultants who work with you to understand your business, compliance and operational needs across the enterprise.

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