Sustainability and ESG

We view sustainability as an investment in the strength of our culture, the resilience of our business and the future of our planet.

Shaping a sustainable future

For us, sustainability isn’t about checking boxes. It’s about taking steps to continuously evolve our business to be more responsible and more resilient. It’s about doing our part to make a positive impact and be a force for change, leading with purpose, holding ourselves accountable and prioritizing long-term stability over short-term financial rewards.

Investing in sustainable initiatives isn’t just about BDO’s future. It’s about the future of all our stakeholders. That’s why we’re continuing to integrate sustainable practices into our operations and have made commitments that will help us ensure that our planet and its people thrive.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Focusing on the topics that matter most to our stakeholders

Using our materiality assessment as a foundation, we commit to ensuring that our strategy, values and actions align with the issues identified by our stakeholders.

Setting and measuring sustainability goals

We commit to setting data-driven, measurable goals and impactful targets, and reporting our progress – the details of which we will share in our sustainability report. 

Achieving Net Zero by 2050

As a founding member of the Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance, we commit to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by or before 2050.

Using science-based targets

We have committed to set near-term, company-wide emission reductions in line with climate science with the Science-Based Targets initiative.

Protecting human rights

We are a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and commit to conducting our business in alignment with its Ten Principles and to prioritize the advancement and achievement of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

BDO’s purpose – helping people thrive, every day – is a broad mandate to serve our people, our clients and our communities. To fulfill our purpose, we are working to integrate sustainable business practices into everything we do. We believe in doing so we will make BDO a more resilient organization, drive growth, foster innovation, and ultimately deliver stronger long-term financial performance. Moreover, it’s the right thing to do for our stakeholders, society and the planet.  
Wayne Berson

Download our sustainability code of ethics and corporate responsibility

Download our human rights statement

Download our environmental statement

Actionable Steps on Our ESG Journey

While we recognize that there’s a lot more work to do, there’s a lot we’re already doing — and have been doing for many years — as part of our commitment to helping people thrive every day.  

Like many companies, BDO is on a journey to become a more sustainable organization. We’ve made great progress, with enthusiastic support from our leaders and our people. Yet there is more to do to ensure a thriving company and a thriving planet, today and for future generations.

Cara Mooses
Sr. Director, Sustainability & ESG Corporate Strategy

Our Sustainability and ESG Services and Solutions

As we prioritize sustainability within our own organization, we believe we have an opportunity – a responsibility – to help our clients do the same. Our team of dedicated professionals bring deep Sustainability and ESG experience, meeting clients wherever they are in their own journeys. 

Insights to Guide Your ESG Journey

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Advancing Stakeholder Capitalism Through Conscious Leadership

To help inspire and elevate leaders, transform organizations and better society, BDO has joined with Raj Sisodia, co-founder and co-chairman of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., and Neha Sangwan, MD, to offer The Conscious Business Leadership Academy.

An executive education program, the Academy provides an opportunity for CEOs and other C-suite executives to reflect on their leadership teams, corporate cultures and business practices and align the purpose and profitability of their businesses with a deep commitment to building a sustainable and brighter future for their stakeholders.

Meet Our ESG Center of Excellence Leadership Team

  • Professional Headshot of Karen Baum

    Karen Baum

    Managing Principal; Sustainability & ESG Center Of Excellence, BDO USA; Sustainability & ESG Services & Solutions, BDO Global

  • Professional Headshot of Daniel Fuller

    Daniel Fuller

    Tax Digital Transformation and Innovation Leader and ESG Tax Leader