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Personalized tax planning strategies for the preservation of family wealth

With significant wealth comes tremendous opportunity. 

Individuals and families with complex financial profiles have distinct needs that go well beyond meeting tax compliance and filing obligations. From estate planning to business succession planning to the financial and administrative management needs of a family office, coordinating the intricacies of wealth — and the various advisors who manage them — can be overwhelming. 

When our clients explain their challenges, we listen. Based on each client’s goals, we work alongside them to develop tax planning strategies that reflect their circumstances and help achieve their objectives. BDO's private client services professionals tap into extensive knowledge, experience and global capabilities to serve high net-worth clientele, including C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, entertainers, and multi-generational family-owned businesses.  

Our team of dedicated professionals delivers the experience of working with a boutique firm coupled with the resources of an international organization. 

How BDO Can Help


Our team works with high net-worth clients to develop tax and financial strategies to facilitate the smooth transfer of personal and business assets to heirs and beneficiaries. Services include: 
  • Estate planning 
  • Trust planning 
  • Cash flow planning 
  • Tax planning for foreign assets 
  • Philanthropic planning 
  • Audit defense 
  • Tax return preparation and all required compliance 

When it comes to tax planning, we evaluate each client’s overall financial picture and prioritize their distinct goals. Areas of focus include: 

  • Family-wide income tax strategy 
  • Tax analysis for residency in different jurisdictions 
  • Tax savings idea generation  
  • International income tax planning 
  • Alternative minimum tax planning 
  • Cash flow projections  
  • Representation and support in IRS or state tax audits 
  • Tax return preparation and all required compliance 

We work closely with our clients and their trusted advisors to centralize and manage the full breadth of each client’s tax and financial affairs. Our approach accommodates high net-worth individuals and single and multi-family offices. Services include: 

Financial Administration 
  • Bill pay and expense bookkeeping 
  • Brokerage account, bank account and credit card reconciliation 
  • Information consolidation 
  • Digitization and secure storage of contracts, agreements and policy statements 
 Accounting & Tax Services: 
  • Personal and complete net worth statements 
  • Cash flow reporting 
  • Income, gift, estate, and trust tax planning and compliance 
  • Charitable planning and compliance 
  • State & local and international tax compliance 
Legacy & Governance 
  • Family office governance and risk management 
  • Philanthropic planning and impact measurement 
  • Succession planning 

With BDO offices in more than 160 countries, we support U.S citizens navigating cross-border tax challenges and advise non-U.S. individuals and families who may be subject to U.S. income, estate and gift rules. Services include: 
  • Inbound and outbound planning for U.S. or foreign assets 
  • U.S. estate and gift tax for non-U.S. persons 
  • Estate tax planning, projections, and liquidity analysis with a global portfolio and family 
  • Planning and transactions with foreign trusts 
  • Pre-U.S. immigration income and estate tax planning 
  • Gifting to U.S. persons 
  • Expatriate tax planning 
  • All related compliance and regulatory filings 

U.S. Inbound Tax Planning

A shared vision of growth for a successful future in the U.S.

In today’s global economy, there is an increasing interest for non-U.S. based businesses, executives and families to have a U.S. presence. However, tax laws and reporting requirements may seem complex and daunting to those wanting to expand into the U.S. At BDO, we have the experience to address tax planning considerations wherever they may arise. 

An integrated approach to U.S. expansion and growth:

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