GovCon GHG & Climate Risk Services

Maintain federal contractual compliance with a robust sustainability program

Your organization deserves an ESG strategy rooted in deep compliance experience.

With newly proposed ESG requirements on disclosure and development of science-based targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, complying with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is more complex than ever before.

The proposed amendments create significant new responsibilities for many firms that sell to the federal government.  To maintain eligibility for awards, government contractors must closely monitor these regulatory developments and construct a comprehensive compliance roadmap. Contractors seeking to align with the federal government’s shifting priorities must look beyond current compliance to anticipate future requirements.

BDO works with you to develop a program that establishes long-term alignment between your sustainability and FAR compliance strategies. Not only will we help you establish a compliant GHG disclosure and climate risk program, but we’ll also help you leverage it for competitive advantage. 

As home to one of the nation’s largest government contracting practices, we approach ESG strategy for federal contractors through an industry-first lens. Backed by the resources of our ESG Center of Excellence, our team includes professionals with extensive knowledge of both the FAR and ESG.

Sustainability isn’t a standalone effort. Focusing on the bigger picture, we’ll fully integrate ESG into your business operations and regulatory compliance strategy.

How BDO Can Help

Establish a FAR-Compliant ESG Program

Our federal contracting compliance and ESG professionals understand the challenges you face. As the federal government’s sustainability initiatives continue to evolve in the coming years, the regulatory burden on contractors will continue to increase. We’ll help you get ahead of emerging regulations so that they don’t interrupt you from carrying out your mission.

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Phase 1

Conduct an organizational compliance assessment

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Phase 2

Understand your stakeholders and value chain

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Phase 3

Establish industry leading governance and processes

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Phase 4

Collect data and develop documentation

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Phase 5

Satisfy disclosure, science-based targets and reporting requirements

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Phase 6

Position for procurement and initiative incentives

Compliance for Contract Vehicles

We’ll position your organization to meet all procurement-specific sustainability requirements. Our experience with contracting vehicles spans:

  • OASIS+
  • Ascend
  • Alliant
  • Polaris
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)

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