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Strategically addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with managing, motivating, and rewarding a global workforce.

Turning challenge into opportunity for global employers and their mobile workforces

A changing global business landscape and rapidly evolving technology innovation have transformed workforces everywhere, creating new opportunities to build and manage a thriving workforce.

At the same time, global employers face growing pressures to optimize spend amid economic volatility, talent shortages, and continued calls for more flexibility in where and how employees work. Employers must rethink workforce strategies and align them with the goals of the organization to succeed in this new landscape.

Whether your business only operates domestically, is looking to expand globally, or has an established presence around the world, BDO can help. We work with boards and business leaders in all corporate functions to design, implement, and operate employee programs to meet your goals. We help businesses attract and retain key talent, incentivize executives and employees, optimize strategies for business transactions, and comply with complex and evolving global tax requirements.

How BDO Can Help

Our Approach

BDO’s holistic approach to global workforce strategy considers a range of issues businesses may be facing to design tailored employee programs that help the organization thrive.

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Employers must know where employees are working, be able to track business travel, and understand compliance obligations in each jurisdiction.

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Employee programs should align with the current stage of business growth and be able to support future expansion, contraction, liquidity, or exit goals.

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Attracting, retaining, and motivating the right people in the right roles is the foundation for a workforce that enables a thriving business.

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From technology disruption to economic shifts to evolving compliance requirements, a resilient workforce must be able to adapt.


  • Perform workforce due diligence to capture people costs, prepare for successful integration, and support a successful deal.
  • Align executive incentives and compensation programs for post-deal success.
  • Develop talent retention strategies and go-forward incentive programs.
  • Harmonize total rewards, HR technology, and processes/policies.
  • Identify opportunities for payroll/employment tax savings and refunds.
  • Improve tax efficiency related to executive compensation by mitigating the impact of golden parachute rules under IRC Section 280G and the impact of tax deduction limits under IRC Section 162(m).
  • Prepare for a spinoff or inbound entry into U.S., including compensation plans, equity incentives, retirement plans, employment tax registration, and payroll processes.
  • Prepare for IPO, including public company compensation program design and governance process, compliance, risk management, and tax accounting for equity programs.

  • Effectively manage expatriate tax compliance to support seamless global and domestic employee transitions while implementing best practices in assignment policy design.
  • Improve efficiency and satisfy multi-jurisdictional payroll and equity incentive compliance and reporting requirements with the support of tools like the BDO Global Equity Mobility Solution and Global Equity Rewards Matrix.
  • Prepare employment tax returns and information reporting while helping to optimize employment tax processes and operations.
  • Perform annual compliance requirements and risk management for qualified retirement plans.
  • Account for deferred taxes related to equity and other compensation items and adhere to compliance under IRC Section 409A to avoid deferred compensation penalties.
  • Comply with tax rules and reporting requirements related to various employee benefits.
  • Review and support global compliance and potential deductibility for stock-based compensation issued to employees and other service providers (e.g., directors) in all jurisdictions.

  • Design global mobility programs that create value and meet business objectives through enhanced assignee selection criteria, policy design, repatriation strategies, cost analysis, market analysis, and effective communication.
  • Manage complexities of remote and hybrid work arrangement, including compensation design, employment tax compliance, tracking of business travelers, and reporting obligations.
  • Develop strategies around people expansion into new locations.
  • Review and identify opportunities to redesign the human resources function to improve efficiency and help optimize workforce-related costs.
  • Assist with optimizing talent management strategies for private equity funds and their portfolio companies through employee preference analytics and talent operating partner support.
  • Design executive equity and incentive compensation strategies to meet business goals while providing tax efficiencies.
  • Design broad-based compensation programs for efficiency and alignment with business objectives.
  • Develop and implement health, welfare, and retirement plans to meet business goals while providing for tax efficiencies.
  • Transition to a shared ownership structure with employees through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).
  • Plan for succession of senior leaders/owners to support successful transition of business leadership.

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