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Engaging directors in effective governance 

Board of directors oversee purpose, strategy and risk to help create long-term value for stakeholders.  

Emerging issues, material risks, increasing regulations and stakeholder demands all compete as priorities on the board’s agenda. Transparent communications and strong oversight are more important than ever to instill stakeholder confidence in a company’s long-term sustainability. The BDO Center for Corporate Governance continually delivers insights, learning and networking opportunities for the board of directors. 

Board leadership is more than the presence of a unique skill, perspective or diversity of thought that will meet the organization’s needs and close its gaps. Board members represent the company at its highest level, and they should continually and proactively assess risk tolerance and set clear expectations for management’s execution of strategy and reporting on relevant key performance indicators. 

Amy Rojik
Assurance Managing Principal, Corporate Governance

Board & Executive Educational Resources

Build your board’s knowledge and governance skills from onboarding new directors to enhancing the effectiveness of seasoned directors. Engage C-suite executives on a variety of issues impacting their operational and reporting responsibilities and engagement with the board.  

Timely publications, unique surveys, tools and practice aids to help directors comply with required responsibilities and adopt best oversight practices.

The Board Pulse Survey series examines public company director sentiment on trending topics including potential obstacles, and the strategies boards are using to address them.

A podcast series featuring topical discussions with your board peers and subject matter experts on trending and timeless boardroom issues.

The webcast series provides varying perspectives on both emerging issues and foundational skills relevant to both new and seasoned directors.

Stay on top of today’s hot accounting topics and key regulatory developments.

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For experienced or aspiring board directors intent on packaging themselves as modern director candidates steeped in today’s board operational knowledge. Graduates earn their International Board Director Competency Designation (IBDC.D).

Committees of the Board

Our board resources are tailored to the responsibilities and duties of the standing committees of the board. 

From oversight of enterprise risk management to audit quality, compliance, internal controls and the integrity of financial and nonfinancial reporting, we help directors stay apprised of new rules and regulations to bolster investor confidence in capital markets. 

Practice Aids 


Oversight of human capital management, from staff to C-Suite, continues to be fundamental to corporate strategy. Traditional committee responsibilities have expanded to include evolving rules, disclosure trends and emphasis on social matters, pay-related and employee welfare practices. Our resources and timely studies help directors align compensation and benefit planning with performance, attraction and retention goals.  


Increased importance is being placed on governance structure, board composition and stakeholder engagement that align with corporate strategy and purpose, inclusive of ESG considerations. Effective governance requires a thoughtful director nomination and selection process prioritizing diversity of perspective, skills and experiences. We support strong governance with sample documentation and insights to promote sound processes, policies and communications.  

Board Peer Networking Engagement 

BDO Board Forums

The live, invitation only, events provide directors opportunities to explore a variety of boardroom topics and network with fellow public company board members. 

Conscious Business Leadership Academy

Executive education program to align purpose and profitability  

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