• IPO Services

Guidance, every step of the way.

Going public can be a major benefit to your business, yet getting there is often a time consuming and daunting process. Preparation is the key to a successful IPO, and developing a comprehensive and forward-looking strategy is critical for long-term success. Responsibilities, financial structures, and management policies will change fundamentally before and after the process.
BDO has guided numerous companies in going public, from the initial planning stage through to the final filing of the registration statement and initial reporting. Our dedicated professionals will work with your attorneys, investment banking professionals and team members, prepare for audit internal controls, assist in the development of corporate governance, and review financial reporting.
BDO’s flat structure and partner-led service model ensures that you have access to senior-level professionals throughout the process. Unlike many other large firms, our national SEC office is part of the engagement team, and is heavily involved in the planning stages of your IPO and can help you understand the nuances of registration and reporting process.  Our many years of experience have allowed us to build a relationship – and credibility – with both the SEC and investment banks.