Audit Innovation

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Innovation is the key to getting more from your audit.

Evolving regulations. Disparate technology systems. Staffing challenges. 

All these issues can make the audit process more complicated than it needs to be — and present a real threat to audit quality. At a time when CFOs and finance teams are already overburdened, they not only need auditors with the skills and experience to evaluate their financial statements in the context of their business environment; they need innovative business insights and an exceptional audit experience.

Transformation happens at the intersection of technology and human curiosity. We offer a transformed audit that delivers more with less demands on your resources — more insight on business performance and high confidence to your stakeholders.



At BDO, we cultivate a curious mindset in our people: the curiosity to ask questions, challenge assumptions and imagine new possibilities. We continuously evaluate and improve our methodologies, technologies and applications to empower our people and unlock more value from your data. 

BDOADVANTAGE is our digital audit suite built to enhance the client experience and drive audit quality. It empowers our audit teams to create more insights with greater precision for a seamless audit from start to finish.


Our Approach to Audit Innovation

At BDO, we’re guided by professional curiosity and inspired by our core purpose: helping people thrive every day. When we apply our curiosity to audit innovation through the lens of our purpose, the outcomes are deeper insights, better collaboration and greater accuracy, resulting in high quality audits. 

We created BDOADVANTAGE to transform the audit experience by empowering our team to unearth insights beyond the obvious. We use cognitive technology to automate client data extraction and integration, creating significant time savings for your team. We continue to invest in innovative technology to improve collaboration and reduce the burden on our clients.

Human ingenuity and social innovation transform the way we effectively use technology. 

We believe both traditional and non-traditional labor pools are critical to building diverse audit teams with the right experience and skills to conduct the audit of the future. Our culture is centered on the development of our people. We invest in technical, soft skills, and ethics training as well as digital upskilling programs to enable our auditors to deliver high-quality audits for all our stakeholders. 

Our innovation strategy is centered on what’s most valuable to our stakeholders. For our clients, we focus on innovations that create less work for you and harness your data in new ways. For our clients' investors, customers and the broader public, we focus on innovations that deliver more transparency and higher quality.  

Our industry professionals, data scientists and developers collaborate to adapt our technology to the ever-changing regulatory environment and emerging trends.

Understanding the nuances of industry is critical to assessing risk, enhancing quality and uncovering practical insights. We invest in industry-specific analytics and automation solutions to conduct a high-quality audit with your industry in mind.

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A Culture of Innovation

Driven by our purpose of helping people thrive, we view innovation as an opportunity to help our people, clients and our communities succeed. Through our Social Innovation program, we have fostered an environment that allows us to harness the transformative power of new and differentiated thinking.

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