Redesigning healthcare – and your organization.

Health systems are getting squeezed. They’re being called on to do more for less, and to achieve better health outcomes in the process. They’re grappling with a re-alignment of financing, capital, and clinical delivery activities. And on top of it all, they are facing shifts in risk and financial responsibility for payment of care – from payers to providers, from providers to consumers, and from employers to employees.
The implications of this reassignment are profound. As healthcare organizations move forward into an era of unprecedented change, they will have to achieve widespread financial, clinical, and operational transformation. In this environment, anticipating and understanding the future state model of healthcare is essential.
BDO guides clients as they plan and implement new strategies to redesign and thrive. We work closely with clients to determine the total cost of care, envisage future-state models, and design organizational strategies for transformation. Our services span the healthcare landscape – from understanding the needs of local markets to assessing capital needs. Additionally, BDO’s multidisciplinary teams are experienced in population health, health policy, financial, visual and data analytics, and healthcare operations. We leverage these capabilities to help physician groups, hospitals, behavioral health organizations, long-term care facilities, payers, and other systems across the continuum support the shift to value-based reimbursement and vertical integration of clinical care.
Our services include: