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Attaining healthcare excellence

Healthcare providers today face emerging challenges that require immediate and long-term consideration. Systems and processes must adapt to an industry-wide environment that is more collaborative, connected, and patient-centric. Comprehensive planning can enable providers to address current conditions and provide excellent patient care while planning for a future that includes an increasing reliance on digital technology solutions and ever-changing financial strategies.

BDO’s Healthcare Consulting team brings experienced, knowledgeable advice that helps organizations enhance patient and clinician experience, leverage electronic health record (EHR) systems, develop and optimize revenue streams, strengthen workforce management, and improve the organization’s overall financial wellbeing.

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Challenges Facing Healthcare Organizations

As the landscape continues to evolve, healthcare providers must address new and old challenges, including: 

  • Health equity and patient access 
  • An increasingly complex regulatory environment 
  • The consumerization of healthcare 
  • Labor shortages and physician burnout 
  • Increasing financial instability across the healthcare system

How BDO Can Help

Healthcare Consulting Capabilities

Our healthcare consultants offer services dedicated to helping clients at every level of their practice.

Our team includes technology consultants who can assess a client’s current systems and recommend digital solutions designed to improve patient access and provider experience.

We assist clients in adopting and implementing EHR Systems that improve efficiency, reduce costs, drive quality outcomes and safeguard confidential patient information.

Our Labor Advisory and Resource Augmentation team supports healthcare providers in resource planning and change management to help transform operations and staffing models.

Our team can advise organizations on methods for increasing revenue, improving margins, and preparing a potential exit strategy. 

The Value of EHR Consultation

There are several reasons why healthcare providers seek consultation when selecting, implementing, and optimizing EHR systems:

  • Complexity: Healthcare providers may need assistance evaluating different options to find the EHR system that best suits their specific needs.
  • Technical knowledge: Implementing an EHR system requires technical experience in areas such as data migration, system integration, and network infrastructure. 
  • Workflow Optimization: EHR implementation and optimization involves reevaluating and optimizing existing workflows to align with the new system or new features with an existing system.  
  • Training and Change Management:  Successful adoption requires developing training programs and change management strategies, leading to better outcomes. 
  • Compliance and Security: Healthcare providers must meet all necessary compliance requirements and provide robust security measures to protect patient data.

Our digital technology consultants provide full EHR support from system selection, implementation, and optimization. 


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Who We Serve

We serve a broad range of public and private healthcare clients, including:

Academic Medical Centers

Ambulatory & Outpatient Centers

Home Health, Palliative Care & Long-term Care

Hospitals & Health Systems

Large Physician Groups and Medical Networks

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