• Negotiated Credits & Incentives

    Leveraging our working relationships with government agencies to help
    companies identify and maximize negotiated tax incentives.

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A tailored approach to securing tax and financial incentive packages.

U.S. and international businesses that invest, expand or are involved in site selection may realize significant benefits by procuring tax credits and incentives to offset costs. While some tax credits are generally available to most businesses that qualify, others are discretionary and must be negotiated.
BDO’s integrated, partner-led team is comprised of tax and industry professionals in offices across the country. We have strong working relationships with state and local economic development agencies that partner with us during the site selection and negotiated tax incentives process.
A host of variables from the federal, regional and local levels can significantly influence project outcomes and costs. We use our understanding of these issues to evaluate opportunities and reduce risk for our clients. Examples of negotiated tax benefits include:
  • Discretionary cash grants.
  • Annual refunds of withholding taxes for periods up to 10 years.
  • Property tax abatement.
  • Utility rate reductions.
  • Infrastructure grant assistance.
  • Training grant assistance.
  • Sales tax sharing incentives and special exemptions.
BDO helps companies identify credits and incentives, and then works with them to implement the programs to aid in maximizing the benefits.