• Webtrust for Certification Authorities

More than mere compliance.

In the business world, things move fast. Web-browser requirements and mandates, information security and repudiation requirements are rapidly changing, becoming stricter – and more complex. To stay compliant, organizations are turning to more public-key infrastructure (PKI) and crypto-technologies to meet the newest regulations. They also need to provide its customers, users, and other stakeholders assurance in its meeting its obligations. 
At BDO, our experienced professionals work closely with our clients, providing recommendations and best practices based on their unique organization. From gaining an understanding of our clients’ environment, controls, and policies to WebTrust audits and auditing controls against established criteria, we provide quality, value-added services at every step of the WebTrust process.
For years, BDO has been a key thought leader in the area of WebTrust for CAs (Certification Authorities). Our practice leader serves as Chairman of WebTrust/PKI Assurance Taskforce, which is responsible for the creation and ongoing maintenance of and other PKI related services. BDO is heavily involved in setting related standards, as well as participating in task forces across all sub pages. We understand attestation standards and the procedures that companies must follow to comply, offering our clients a unique perspective on WebTrust/PKI issues.