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Meet the new standard of transparency  

Business success is built on trust and transparency.

It’s increasingly common for customers and stakeholders to expect System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports to demonstrate the strength of a company’s internal controls. A growing requirement, SOC reports can also give you an edge over your competition by offering transparency into your business’s processes and controls.  

We have extensive experience across the full spectrum of SOC reporting. Our highly responsive team of seasoned professionals work quickly to address your questions while comprehensively testing your internal controls. With the resulting report, you’ll build confidence in your control environment with your customers, stakeholders and potential investors. 

How BDO Can Help


Our experienced service auditors perform fair and balanced SOC examinations with minimal disruption to daily business operations. We produce digestible SOC reports with actionable insights. 

SOC audits we perform include: 

  • SOC 1 
  • SOC 2 
  • SOC 3 
  • SOC for Cybersecurity 
  • SOC for Supply Chain

We conduct readiness assessments to identify gaps before the formal SOC audit. We then work with you to develop a remediation plan for you to execute in preparation for a future SOC report. 

Which SOC is Right for You?

Consider the risks your organization seeks to dispel—and who needs assurance that your company has the right controls in place to protect sensitive data. 

​As a growing SaaS business with no prior experience of external audit, we really valued the way BDO guided us through the SOC 2 audit process. Their solid reputation, qualifications and knowledge of the tech space made them a great fit for our firm. We were impressed with the time and care they took to understand our business and the collaborative way in which the audit process was conducted.

Client, Chief Executive Officer

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