The deal is done. But the dispute is just beginning.

BDO professionals assist clients in resolving a variety of post-acquisition disputes, serving as neutral accounting arbitrators, expert witnesses, and advisors. With significant experience in post-closing purchase price adjustment disputes, we help clients to navigate and understand the numerous accounting and contract issues facing their businesses. 

As a nationally recognized accounting firm, BDO works with both parties to establish processes for proceedings, analyze submissions, preside over hearings, and present reasoned decisions. Our neutral arbitrators/accounting referees have helped to resolve post-closing purchase price adjustment disputes, including net working capital calculations and earn-out computations in several areas, for example:
  • Revenue recognition principles
  • Allowance for doubtful accounts receivable/bad debt reserves
  • Excess and obsolete inventory
  • Unrecorded liabilities
  • Elimination of inter-company balances
  • Consistent application of GAAP and/or accounting policies, practices and procedures
  • Contract interpretation
  • Determination of purchase price allocations

BDO’s advisors provide guidance and insight to clients navigating the complexities of post-acquisition disputes. Often our professionals assist with the preparation of written submissions, present financial statements in accordance with GAAP or other contractual provisions, and evaluate submissions by opposing parties. We also assist counsel in selecting the arbitrator and identifying duplicate claims made by opposing parties. Frequently, our professionals will help identify and prepare appropriate testifying witnesses – either from BDO, industry, academia, or consulting firms.

With a significant track record of serving as neutral arbitrators as well as testifying witnesses, BDO professionals present testimony in a helpful, comprehensive, and credible manner. With experience serving as witnesses in trial, arbitration, and mediation, our partners and senior practitioners are capable of withstanding rigorous cross-examination while maintaining independence and objectivit

BDO’s Litigation and Disputes professionals assist clients in resolving a wide variety of M&A and post-acquisition disputes, serving as neutral accounting arbitrators, advisors, and expert witnesses. With deep industry experience and the resources of one of the world’s largest accounting and advisory firms, we help clients to navigate and understand the numerous issues facing their businesses. From establishing processes and presiding over hearings to preparing testifying witnesses, BDO provides key arbitration and advisory support in a reliable and credible manner.

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