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Board Committees
BDO’s governance resources are aligned across four primary committees to meet the unique
responsibilities facing corporate directors.
Audit & Risk
Oversight of financial reporting, controls, compliance, and risk requires staying abreast of regulations and trends.
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Compensation strategies that reward performance and withstand public scrutiny demand significant planning.
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Nominating & Governance
Selection of diverse and experienced leaders provides the foundation for a dynamic organization. 
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Fraud & Ethics
Evolving fraud risks necessitate effective controls and a culture of transparency.
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Events, Webinars & Social

December 17, 2019
Mid-cap companies face unique issues with respect to board and executive compensation and pay...
December 18, 2019
Mid-cap companies face unique issues with respect to board and executive compensation and pay...
February 04, 2020
Join BDO as we explore highlights from our 2019 public company Board of Director Survey. We will...
January 23, 2020
Join BDO as we explore highlights from our 2019 public company Board of Director Survey. We will...
November 12, 2019
Each quarter, BDO USA's IFRS experts will provide updates in relation to IFRS, continuing our...


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The new PCOAB auditor reporting standard is the first significant change to the auditor’s Pass/Fail model in the U.S. in over 70 years. Phase-in of enhanced disclosures effective for audits for fiscal years ending on or after December 15, 2017 include report format, auditor tenure, and independence followed by communication of critical audit matters for audits of large accelerated filers in 2019, and for audits of all other companies in 2020.


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Governance & Reporting Community

BDO Governance Community

BDO works within a community of professional organizations that provides directors and financial executives with corporate governance education and guidance relevant to the challenges and opportunities affecting their business.


Custom educational opportunities for board members and financial executives reflective of governance primers, emerging issues and financial accounting and reporting hot topics. 


November 19, 2019
Agile IA is the mindset an internal audit function can adopt to focus on stakeholder needs, accelerate audit cycles, drive timely insights, reduce wasted effort and generate less documentation while delivering high impact results.
November 21, 2019
Have we seen the last unicorn? Is value driven more by revenue today or revenue potential tomorrow? In a competitive market, where valuations are volatile even in the wake of continued interest from strategic, PE and capital markets investors, how do tech companies unlock and verify more value?