BDO USA's Audit Quality Journey - Preview of Our 2023 Audit Quality Report

Our firm’s commitment to quality and a mindset of continuous improvement is a reflection of our core purpose and values. This commitment is fundamental to how we serve all our stakeholders, and we recognize the important role we play in protecting the interest of investors and other users of financial statements. For this reason, audit quality is one of our highest priorities.  

The PCAOB inspection process, including dialogue with their staff, assists us in improving our performance, our underlying system of quality management, and ultimately the reliability of financial reporting. Wwill continue to work on our journey to improve audit quality, ensuring it remains at the center of our culture.  

In this preview of our 2023 Annual Audit Quality Report, we highlight the significant and transformative actions and investments taken since 2022 that, together with our previous efforts, will drive the consistent and sustainable delivery of high quality audits into the future. These changes are multifaceted and interdependent, and we are working to ensure the changes are not only embraced by our professionals, but embedded in our processes, decisions and daily work. While it will take time to fully realize and benefit from these actions, our leadership and professionals are engaged in this journey and are committed to audit quality excellence. 

Defining our Audit Quality Approach 

Delivering high quality audits is fundamental to building integrity, trust and confidence in the capital markets. To continuously improve audit qualitywe have adopted SEED - an acronym that illustrates what audit quality means at BDO – exercising an appropriate level of skepticism, having the right expertisetimely and thoroughly executing the audit, and going in depth. This approach is driving important behavioral change across all levels.  

  • Adopt a questioning mindset
  • Critically assess audit evidence
  • Exercise due professional care

  • Ensure an in-depth understanding of professional standards
  • Strictly follow BDO methodology, tools and templates
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the company and its environment

  • Perform majority of audit work before balance sheet year end
  • Provide sufficiently detailed documentation
  • Integrate and coordinate core engagement team and specialists throughout the audit

  • Conduct a rigorous, fact-based risk assessment
  • Build the engagement team bench
  • Exercise seasoned judgement

Transformative Actions Driving High Quality Audits

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