• Pathway to Success: BDO's Summer Leadership Program

Pathway to Success: Summer Leadership Program

What’s the best way to discover whether a career in accounting is right for you? By experiencing it, firsthand.
No matter how many hours you spend in a classroom, it’s hard to imagine what a career in public accounting is really like until you’re actually on the job. Pathway to Success offers students an inside look into life at a global accounting organization generally, and at BDO in particular.

This year, we are excited to share that we have transitioned our Pathway to Success program to a virtual event. 

Pathway to Success includes presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with BDO professionals of all levels.

By participating in Pathway to Success, you’ll also have the chance to – virtually –meet and network with a variety of BDO professionals and other students, many of whom could soon become your colleagues.

The window for the 2020 virtual program has closed. Come back in January for info about attending 2021 programs.

Misheel Ganbat
2017 Pathway to Success Attendee
BDO IS Audit Intern 2017
BDO Audit Intern 2018

“BDO's Pathway to Success was the highlight of my last summer break. This program really shows you the culture of BDO through fun, informative events and their friendly professionals. We even had the chance to hear from the CEO, COO, and other executives while learning about the day-to-day responsibilities of Associates. During the program, we went on a boat tour, walked around the city for a scavenger hunt, and networked with many different professionals. My tips for future attendees are to network with everyone you meet and get their information, learn about BDO as much as you can, and make sure to have fun!”
Erinn Scott
2017 Pathway to Success Attendee
BDO Audit Intern 2018

 “It’s really important to go to the program with an open mind. Use this opportunity to meet new people; you never know, they could be your future coworkers! I also think the Facebook private group page is a great way to get acquainted with others before the program. At the program itself, try sitting with new people during meals. After the program, use LinkedIn to connect with other students and even the speakers.”
Chaze Palmer
2016 Pathway to Success Attendee
BDO Audit Intern 2017

“Pathway to Success was a great opportunity to learn about life as a public accountant. I had the chance to meet and talk with countless professionals, each having their own experiences and backgrounds. While there, I also participated in contests, went to a MLB game, and had interviews. Every aspect of this leadership program was fun and informative.”
Jordan Navarrete
2016 Pathway to Success Attendee
BDO Tax Intern 2018

“Embrace this amazing experience. At Pathway to Success, you’ll get a significant amount of face time with the top leaders of BDO, along with other students from around the country who have the same goals as you. This program offers fun, collaborative events that will help you get to know what BDO is all about!”