• Pathway to Success:
    BDO's Summer
    Leadership Program

Pathway to Success: Leadership Program

What’s the best way to discover whether a career in accounting is right for you? By experiencing it, firsthand.
No matter how many hours you spend in a classroom, it’s hard to imagine what a career in public accounting is really like until you’re actually on the job. Pathway to Success offers students an inside look into life at a global accounting organization generally, and at BDO in particular.

This year, we are excited to share that we have transitioned our Pathway to Success program to a virtual event. 

Pathway to Success includes presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with BDO professionals of all levels.

By participating in Pathway to Success, you’ll also have the chance to – virtually –meet and network with a variety of BDO professionals and other students, many of whom could soon become your colleagues.