• First Year To-Do List

First Year To-Do List

The first year of your career can be a significant transition. And although it can seem scary, it can also be really exciting. Along with getting your first taste of the corporate world, you’re finally #Adulting full time. Your first year is a big one, and it’ll go by pretty quickly. That’s why we recommend creating a list of goals you want to accomplish. Personal, professional, having something to work towards will help keep you motivated and energized. Need some suggestions? Here are our favorite: 

Create-a-personal-Budget.jpg  Discover-a-New-Favorite-Hobby.jpg  Find-a-Work-Buddy.jpg

Finish-Your-CPA-Exams.jpg  Go-to-a-networking-Event.jpg  Grab-A-Coffee-With-a-Mentor.jpg

Help-Lead-a-Work-Project-That-Intimidates-you.jpg  Tackle-your-first-busy-season.jpg  Volunteer-with-BDO.jpg