CPA Exam Study Tips

Passing your CPA exams is a challenge – one that will take a lot of time, concentration, and determination. But BDO is here to help, with all the support and encouragement you need.

Ready to tackle the CPA exams, head-on? Here are 7 tips to keep in mind:

Plan It Out

The CPA exams cover an enormous amount of information, with each section requiring significant study time. By scheduling when you’re going to take each test (and when to study for it), you’ll stay organized and prepared.

Get It Done

It can be tempting to put off or change the date of your exams – but don’t do it. Scheduling your much-needed study time will only get harder as your career progresses, which is why we strongly recommend finishing all your CPA exams within your first two years at BDO.

Stay Flexible

We know how challenging it can be to manage a rigorous study schedule with a full-time job – and we want to help you succeed at both. Our unique flexibility programs can help you create a schedule that works for you.

Take a Break

While studying, make sure to take time to do things for you. Whether that means walking the dog, watching some Netflix, or grabbing dinner with friends, mental breaks are essential (actually, at all stages of your career).

Practice Makes Perfect

Instead of simply going through your sample and practice questions once, take the time to review them multiple times. This is the best way to ensure that you keep all the necessary information fresh in your mind.

Treat Yourself (It’s on Us)

At BDO, we believe in helping people thrive every day. We offer a bonus to associates who pass their CPA exams within 18 months of their start date.  Achievement deserves recognition.

Don’t Psyche Yourself Out

The CPA exams will test your mental endurance as well as your accounting acumen. Even if you fail a section, there’s no reason to get discouraged. As long as you put in some serious study time, you’ll be fine. And when it comes time to actually sit down and take your exams? Take a breath and (try to) relax.