My Work BFF

In your adult life, you’re going to spend a lot of time with the people you work with. Together, you’ll tackle projects, face challenges, meet goals, and grow as a team. It’s an exciting and interesting dynamic, especially when you happen to find people in your organization that you really connect with – not only on a professional level, but on a personal one, too. 

Enter: the Work BFF. Whether they sit directly across from you or are in a different department altogether, your Work BFF will provide you with tons of support, lots of laughs, and a sympathetic ear throughout your career. But what are the exact benefits of a Work BFF? And how do you go about finding one? We asked around BDO, and here’s what we heard: 

Ella Fernandez, Senior Associate, on her Work BFF, Anne

“My Work BFF, Anne, is on the tax side, whereas I’m in assurance. We’re in different areas, but we still support each other, and lift each other up. We motivate each other to be better, in every area of our careers and life.”

Alex King, Senior Associate, on her Work BFF, Kim

“It’s so, so helpful to have a friend who speaks the same language as you – the language of audit. We’re able to discuss work projects, give each other advice, and hang out outside of work, too. I would recommend that as you start your career, you really try to make personal connections with your colleagues. Inviting people out to a group happy hour is always a great first step!”

Jennie Sulzer, Senior Associate, on her Work BFF, Madelyn

“Madelyn and I first connected over our cats – we send each other pictures of them sometimes. But along with being friends, I’m actually her career advisor. I think our dynamic is really helpful, because we can touch base on her career development over lunch and it’s actually a lot of fun!” 

Kyle Allen, Experienced Associate on his Work BFF, Tommy

“Tommy is my career advisor, as well as my friend. We love grabbing drinks together after work or on the weekends. When I decided I wanted to transfer to a new office, he was one of the first people I told – and he was really supportive. Even after my move, I know we’ll keep in touch – on a professional and a personal level.”

Linda Hoang, Senior Associate, on her Work BFF, Talia

“Having a true friend at work can make the busy season fun. Talia and I always make sure to take little breaks together – to grab a coffee or eat lunch – and if we ever have to put in hours on the weekend, we make plans to work in a meal or yoga class, too. I love having her by my side.” 

Brittany Hamrick, Senior Associate, on her Work BFF, Gayaneh (GiGi)

“I first met GiGi while she was here on a secondment – we really connected, so I’m happy she decided to stay! I love having someone at work who I know always has my back – and vice versa. If I’m ever struggling, I ask GiGi for help, and we bounce ideas off each other. And she often asks me to proofread important e-mails, which I’m happy to do. Of course, we’re also friends outside of the office, too – we’re actually going to Vegas for GiGi’s 30th birthday!” 

Brian Vander Lee, Senior Associate, on his Work BFF, Mitch

“I actually met Mitch in college, but we became a lot closer when he started interning at BDO during my first year here. We both love golfing, so we participate in a lot of golf outings for different organizations in Michigan. It’s fun, but it’s also great to meet other people in the community. We even won first place at one of the outings!”