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    From community service to a commitment to our Core Values, life at BDO means a life
    beyond accounting or consulting.

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A not-so-corporate corporate culture.

BDO’s Core Purpose is helping people thrive, every day. We believe that our success as a firm depends on helping our clients, our communities, and especially our people thrive. And so we strive to give our employees what they need to grow both professionally and personally – from the flexibility to find work+life fit to the opportunity to give back to their communities. 

BDO Flex
Often when people think about workplace flexibility, they think about programs for working parents or more senior level employees. At BDO, we view flexibility as a strategy for everyone, partners and recent grads alike.

BDO Flex allows partners and employees to find a mutually beneficial mix of workplace commitment and personal flexibility. Our people have unique needs, responsibilities, and interests. And so we provide them with opportunities to adjust where, when, or how much they work – even the types of work they doFor more information, visit BDO's Work + Life Fit page.

BDO Green
Greener business is better business, plain and simple. BDO Green is our commitment to protecting the planet and improving business efficiencies – from company-wide recycling initiatives to local efforts to reduce energy consumption.  For more information, visit BDO's Sustainability page.

BDO Counts
Our volunteerism program, BDO Counts, encourages everyone at BDO to give their time to real, hands-on pursuits important to them and their communities. In addition to nationwide initiatives such as our Week of Service, BDO supports a wide variety of activities chosen by local offices and individuals. For more information, visit BDO's Community Involvement page.

Core Values
BDO’s Core Values are the principles that make us who we are as a firm. They establish a set of standards not only for the work we do, but define the culture of our firm, from the way we treat our clients to the way we treat each other. They guide us through the challenges of our profession, and they are what make BDO a dynamic and supportive working environment. For more information, visit BDO's Core Purpose and Core Values page.

BDO’s Secondment program offers eligible candidates the opportunity to live and work abroad. Arranged as a temporary staff transfer between two BDO Member Firms, the program is designed to enhance participant’s understanding of multinational clients as they develop their professional and personal skills in an international environment. 

**Work+life fit is a registered trademark of Work+Life Fit, Inc.

At BDO, we know that our unique people make our firm exceptional. Read our profile series, Meet BDO, to get to know a few of them. Visit our career website to learn more: