• Tax Credits and Incentives

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For both multinationals establishing footholds in the U.S., and U.S. firms expanding, relocating, or consolidating operations, site selection can present significant opportunities. Tax credits/incentives vary significantly from state to state, and minimizing state and local tax liabilities is an important consideration in selecting sites for production, distribution, sales, back office functions, customer assistance, and more.
BDO’s integrated, partner-led team is comprised of tax and industry professionals from offices across the country. We have strong working relationships with state and local economic development agencies that partner with us during the site selection and tax incentives process. Tax and business incentives can be awarded in numerous forms, including:
  • Income/franchise tax credits
  • Tax rebates
  • Discretionary cash grants and infrastructure assistance
  • Tax exemptions for state and local taxes including income/franchise, sales and use taxes, payroll taxes, and real and personal property taxes
BDO has decades of experience assisting clients with tax credits and incentives. To help our clients maximize these benefits, we offer a wide variety of specialized services, including:
  • Identifying, quantifying, and securing state and local negotiated tax and financial incentive packages
  • Preparing economic impact analyses measuring indirect/induced fiscal and economic impact of investment/expansion projects
  • Drafting comparative tax and financial operating cost analysis by location
  • Implementing processes and systems to comply with annual incentive reporting requirements as well as maximize the value of the benefits over the term of the incentives package
  • Performing statutory income tax credit refund reviews for overlooked or underutilized credits
  • Providing Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) as well as state and local employment tax credit services for hiring targeted individuals
  • Supporting sustainability and energy efficiency efforts through the use of “green” credits and incentives
  • Enhancing the public-private partnerships for businesses within their community
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