• Property Tax

Proactive. Comprehensive. Compliant.

Nearly all jurisdictions below the state level generate revenue through the imposition of property taxes. Levied most frequently by counties and cities, these taxes are one of the most substantial sources of local government revenue, and can be one of the largest regular operating expenses for businesses in the U.S. Unlike other taxes, property tax assessments are an ad valorem tax, meaning they are based on the estimated value of the property, and thus, are subject to varying opinions. Companies with properties in multiple jurisdictions must manage differing rules, regulations, and deadlines while determining whether their assessments are equitable. 
At BDO, we believe that the best way to help our clients reduce their property tax liability is by being proactive. We offer a series of comprehensive services, all designed to address nearly every property tax issue, from return filing and value negotiation to inventory valuation and exemption analysis. Our process also covers:

  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Tax reporting
  • Assessment monitoring
  • Assessment appeals
  • Tax payment
  • Audit defense
  • Management reporting
  • Strategic planning
Serving clients in all 50 states, our National Property Tax Practice includes both compliance and consulting professionals. We have extensive experience working with businesses across nearly every industry, from manufacturing and distribution to telecom, energy, food processing, retail, and real estate.

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