Property Tax

A proactive approach to property tax liability

Equitability and insight through comprehensive property tax services

Property tax can be one of the largest regular operating expenses for businesses in the U.S., but many businesses have options for reducing that liability. 

Property tax is the only tax which is based on an opinion of value. How much businesses owe is open to interpretation – and thus requires proactive analysis and negotiation. The rules, regulations and deadlines for determining if an assessment is equitable also vary considerably by jurisdiction.  

BDO helps clients lower their effective property tax rate and generate above-the-line tax savings, while meeting all compliance requirements. We provide comprehensive property tax services that address the full spectrum of property tax issues and opportunities, from return filing and value negotiation to inventory valuation and exemption analysis. Leveraging our strong relationships with assessors across the country, we help clients mitigate the risk of penalties, interest, supplemental costs, audits and seizures and facilitate more effective settlement negotiations.  

Separate property tax myths from the facts by working with our compliance and advisory professionals.


Real Estate Transfer Tax

Most states impose real estate transfer tax (RETT) on the direct transfer of real property. In addition, certain states impose RETT on the transfer of a controlling interest in an entity holding real property, which is commonly referred to as controlling interest transfer tax. The complex rules and compliance burdens associated with RETT may prove costly for your business. Our professionals can help you navigate these issues to make your transactions as tax efficient as possible and avoid costly traps. Learn more in our short video.

How BDO Can Help


Reduce Admin 

Alleviate your administrative tax burden by leveraging our people and technology to align data sources, enhance consistency and improve processes.


Reduce Costs 

Identify cash savings opportunities through property tax assessment appeals, advantageous filing positions, early payment discounts and exemptions. 


Leverage Data Insights 

Reduce your property tax exposure and decrease the volume of administrative appeals and potential litigation. 


Plan Strategically 

Accurately forecast your property tax liabilities as part of a total tax approach and factor into budgeting decisions.


Report with Confidence 

Meet requirements and avoid penalties through holistic management of payment and reporting obligations — and, if necessaryaudit defense support as well. 

Property Tax Services We Offer

  • Compliance & Outsourcing 
  • Administrative Appeals & Litigation Support
  • Internal Property Tax Administration Review & Analysis
  • Value Negotiation & Value Analysis
  • Exemption Analysis
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax Consulting and Compliance
  • Service Life Studies
  • Functional & Economic Obsolescence Analysis
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital Studies 
  • Tax Abatement & Other Incentive Research and Application
  • Property Tax Staff Training 

State & Local Tax Insights

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State & Local Tax Health Check 

Do you need a state and local tax health check? Review our checklist to assess your preparedness to address sales and use, state income and franchise, and property taxes – and determine whether you’re taking advantage of potential credits and incentives. 

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