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Effectively manage VAT/GST and other international indirect tax compliance

Value-Added Tax (VAT) or Goods-and-Services Tax (GST) is the predominant form of consumption tax system used around the world. With VAT/GST imposed on most sales and purchases, the amount of VAT/GST which flows through a firm’s books can ultimately equate to 30% to 40% of its gross non-U.S. revenue.  

VAT/GST is a significant risk that must be actively managed. As governments seek to raise additional revenues, some are introducing new indirect tax regimes while others with existing VAT/GST systems are leveraging technology to more aggressively scrutinize returns for errors. At the same time, VAT/GST rates are generally increasing.  

Though VAT/GSTis not intended to not be a bottom-line cost, the associated compliance requirements can be complex, and many U.S. firms’ systems aren’t designed to handle them. This can have a direct impact on cash flow and increase the risk of penalties being imposed for non-compliance. Across industriescompanies need help managing the impact and risks of VAT/GST arising from their global business activities 

Our International Indirect Tax Services team helps manage your tax compliance burden by implementing an integrated, efficient approach to the varied challenges created by VAT/GST. From analyzing tax exposures to identifying potential refund/reclaim opportunities, we help reduce VAT/GST leakage, and compliance and audit risk through a Total Tax Approach informed by experience and supported by technology.  


Our international indirect tax assessment includes:  

  • Analysis of your operational structure and global supply chain  

  • Identification of VAT registration requirements and opportunities to streamline your global VAT/GST footprint 

  • Help resolving any historic exposure 

  • Risk reduction assessment 

Our international tax professionals review your VAT/GST governance structure to 

  • Evaluate the efficacy of your business’s VAT/GST processes and controls 

  • Identify potential refund opportunities  

Tax authorities are leveraging technology to examine returns more aggressively. We help to:  

  • Negotiate with tax authorities 

  • Develop solutions to resolve and mitigate VAT/GST controversies 

  • Minimize potential exposures 

We look for ways to integrate VAT/GST planning with operational efficiencies to help: 

  • Optimize VAT/GST cash flow 

  • Reach your growth objectives 

  • Reduce costs and risk 

  • Design and implement alternative structures 

Our tax team is technology trained. We help streamline processes and programs by:  

  • Customizing an indirect tax approach with the appropriate technologies 

  • Implementing solutions like bots, tax engines and software programs 

Cross-border transactions trigger an entire ecosystem of taxes. Our team provides:  

  • Analysis of the VAT/GST consequences of cross-border transactions 

  • Buy- and sell-side due diligence that identifies VAT/GST exposures 

  • An assessment of whether the correct VAT treatment is applied 

  • The development of VAT-efficient structures   

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