• Global Tax Outsourcing

Global resources. Central coordination.

Tax compliance regulations have become increasingly complex, especially for U.S. organizations with overseas operations. As businesses expand globally they face mounting regulatory pressures, strict and diverse reporting standards, and sophisticated revenue authorities. Technology, e-filing requirements, and system-based audits are driving change in the marketplace – and BDO has deep experience with all of it.
The Global Tax Outsourcing team manages each client’s range of services through a central, professional point-of-contact. Services are coordinated across areas of focus and geographies. Our customized, secure, web-based portal provides a comprehensive overview for each client, and includes individual user-based access restrictions depending on service type, country of origin, seniority, and more. With more than 1,500 offices in over 160 countries, BDO is able to provide coordinated global tax services to clients of almost any size.
Services include:
  • Foreign income tax preparation and advisory service
  • Indirect tax return preparation and advisory service
  • Initial registrations, calculations, reconciliations, and submission of direct and indirect tax returns
  • Foreign withholding and information return reporting
  • Local tax provision preparation
  • Global payroll services
  • Transfer pricing advisory services
  • Back-office services
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