• Global Tax Outsourcing

    Global coordination and technology to manage foreign tax compliance
    and regulatory requirements.

Integrated services to optimize the global compliance process.

The global tax compliance and reporting landscape is rapidly transforming and becoming more complex in the process. Sophisticated revenue authorities, mounting regulatory pressures, and strict and diverse reporting standards are challenging tax operational strategies for multinational businesses.

At the same time, innovative technology, from e-filing requirements to system-based audits, is accelerating change in how tax data is analyzed. According to the BDO Tax Outlook Survey, global tax disputes are on the rise as governments look to recoup lost revenue due to COVID-19. Now more than ever, tax executives understand that an efficient and streamlined process is critical to meet obligations around the world.

BDO helps alleviate the demands on the tax and finance teams by developing a governance framework to optimize a business’s global compliance process. Our Global Tax Outsourcing practice provides a centrally managed, integrated suite of services coordinated across various functions and geographies to improve efficiency and mitigate risk with minimum disruption to your business:
" " Strong Global Reach – with a footprint in 167 countries, BDO integrates global processes to achieve tax and operational savings, while utilizing US and local country member firms to help mitigate risk.
TAX_Global-Tax-Outsourcing_Web-graphic_2.png Innovative Technology – Through the use of our BDO Global Portal, we efficiently coordinate the transfer of data and develop a process framework specific to your organizational needs. The resulting recommendations will be designed to add the most value to achieving your compliance goals and provide you with real-time status tracking on your global tax compliance.
" " Coordinated scope of services – BDO is well-versed in the complexities of providing coordinated services for multinational companies through a strong centralized office with relevant experience across borders.

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