Global Tax Outsourcing Services

Combining technology with our international tax network to help you manage global tax compliance and reporting obligations and identify planning opportunities.

Bringing agility and scale to your global tax function 

U.S.-based multinationals face mounting regulatory pressures and a web of disparate tax reporting standards – putting a strain on tax department resources. 

Global tax reform is only accelerating, adding new layers of complexity and scrutiny from international tax authorities. To keep up with growing global compliance and reporting demands, businesses need to dramatically increase the efficiency and agility of the tax function.  

Co-sourcing and outsourcing strategies allow your team to focus on more strategic work while addressing resource constraints. Whether you’re looking to expand your overseas business, maintain greater control over your global reporting obligations, or mitigate tax compliance and regulatory risk, we can help you meet your global tax requirements and planning needs. Tapping into the experience of our tax professionals in local country member firms, we integrate global processes and technology to alleviate your tax department’s burden. Through BDO’s Global Portal, we analyze current and historic data to provide you with ideas and opportunities for cost savings and risk mitigation.  

As your cross-border business needs evolve, we can provide you with the scale and speed you need to stay compliant and competitive in the global economy.  

How BDO Can Help

BDO Global Portal

The BDO Global Portal transforms the way you communicate and collaborate with your BDO team, enhancing your overall client experience. Key features include: 

Share and edit files in real time with our team in a secure, collaborative space.

Track progress as milestones are completed. Document signing, approval, and action tasks allow flexible project management. 

Keep up to date with notifications and alerts—you can set the interval for when and which notifications you want to receive. 

Get 24/7 access to BDO services, modern tools, and apps as well as insights tailored to your industry and business.  


Our Client Service Approach

Dedicated Team

  • U.S. based team backed by a strong global network 

  • Worldwide compliance and planning insights 

  • Practical answers to routine and non-routine queries 

  • Central coordination and dedication to exceptional client service 

Global Technology

  • One global tool for efficient coordination of data transfer 

  • Process framework specific to your organizational needs 

  • Real-time status tracking 

Transition Experience

  • Planning to help ensure minimal disruption to your business 

  • Understanding of your business and needs to tailor our approach to your unique situation 

  • Meeting your needs so you and your team can focus on your core business 

Communication Approach

  • Timely consultation and integrated service across time zones 

  • Accessible professionals and active partner involvement 

  • Commitment to proactively communicate throughout our relationship – no surprises 

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