• Valuation Services

Valuing even the most complicated assets.

Valuation is an art—every company is a unique mix of underlying assets and liabilities that requires careful evaluation and analysis. BDO professionals draw on deep, cross-industry experience to provide scalable valuation solutions customized to your organization’s specific needs and goals. (Note that the following list is intended to summarize our offerings and is not exhaustive).

What We Value


Businesses and Business Interests

  • Carve-outs
  • Domestic and foreign companies (including public subsidiaries)
  • Legal entities
  • Private businesses
  • Private equity-backed companies

Financial Instruments and Derivatives

  • Contingent consideration / earnouts, options, warrants and swaps
  • Convertible debt and preferred shares
  • Credit instruments
  • Crypto currency
  • Debt instruments
  • Equity interests in complex capital structures
  • Foreign exchange instruments
  • Insurance liabilities
  • Loan portfolios
  • Other hard-to-value assets
  • Restricted stock
  • Structured products

Financial Institution-Related Assets

  • Core deposit intangible
  • Loan portfolio
  • Mortgage servicing rights

Intangible Assets (related to the following):

  • Artistic
  • Contract
  • Customer
  • Data processing
  • Engineering
  • Goodwill
  • Human capital
  • Location
  • Marketing
  • Technology

Tangible Assets

  • Capital equipment
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Inventory
  • Personal property
  • Real estate
  • Renewable energy

Why You Might Need It

  • Collateral support
  • Financing and underwriting
  • Insurance purposes
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Management or strategic planning
  • Tax and financial reporting
  • Transactions and reorganizations