• Infrastructure Advisory & Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

New approaches for new regulations.

Today’s complex infrastructure projects require a strategic and innovative eye from the start, to help maximize efficiencies and provide better value for money. Whether you operate in the public or private sector, BDO can help you overcome challenges and make the most of available resources while creating value–both for the organization and the community. Our advisors bring professional insight to our engagements, ensuring that each step of the process is driven by past experiences and industry best practices. Our team has decades of combined experience across private, government and non-profit infrastructure activities and has held decision-making positions in all sectors.

With sustainability top of mind, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are fully integrated into our approach to Infrastructure and P3 Advisory. The contractual basis of P3 work provides project owners (government or institutions of higher education) with an avenue to apply their ESG goals and our financial modeling capabilities can help assess the potential impact early in the procurement process. Established environmental regulations, social equity goals and good governance mandates are examples of the types of inputs to be considered/incorporated during P3 project procurement and the ultimate contract with private partners. On the private sector side, many investors and builders also have ESG strategies and success measures. Additionally, with increasing investor demand coming from overseas where ESG investment requirements are often even greater, public owners trying to access that private capital will need to align their ESG policies and terms. Alongside our BDO colleagues nationally and internationally, our ESG support on infrastructure/P3 projects also includes program strategy and compliance as well as infrastructure and community resilience, adaptation and preparedness.

Public Sector Services



Private Sector Services

  • Accounting implications
  • Credit & risk assessments
  • Debt structuring & advisory
  • Financial modeling
  • Model tax treatment implications
  • Opportunity evaluations
  • Private equity support
  • Project finance
  • Financial model audits
  • Tax compliance (Federal, State & Local, and International)
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Tax equity support services
  • Tax structuring & diligence
  • Valuations & opinions

Sector-Focused Services

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Next generation technologies (technology & telecom)

  • Broadband 5G
  • Smart cities
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Social infrastructure

  • Higher education
  • Schools
  • Social real estate including community developments, housing and public buildings  
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Transport infrastructure

  • Airports       
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Transit (including transit-oriented development, or TOD)
  • Transport (roads and bridges)
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Utilities including

  • Energy (renewable and traditional)
  • Water 
  • Sewerage



  Association Memberships

Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure Member

As infrastructure in the U.S. continues to age, infrastructure investments, such as the construction and upgrade of mass transit systems, energy efficiency, electrification upgrades, public facilities, roadways and bridges, will drive the economy forward. Because these complex infrastructure projects have numerous key stakeholders and high levels of uncertainty, they can benefit from cooperation between public and private entities to help ensure timely and thorough execution.

Our Infrastructure Advisory practice, together with our world-wide partner offices, has global capabilities to offer both public and private sector clients the full suite of services needed to develop and deliver the most complex infrastructure projects. Our services can help our clients develop the capital stack over the entire life cycle of the investments/projects.   

Innovative project delivery mechanisms offer cost savings and efficiencies to infrastructure projects, aligning interests of the parties involved. By assigning risk to the partner best suited to mitigate that risk, alternative delivery mechanisms offer opportunities to share in the upside of growth and innovation while reducing the potential downside of the overall project. This unique project management model unites the needs of public infrastructure with the flexibility of the private sector.

We have significant experience with innovative and alternative delivery mechanisms to help ensure seamless project execution with end-to-end services ranging from capacity building, feasibility, project procurement, project finance, project management, financial model audits, accounting, tax and valuations, to negotiation support and advice on contract management.

Built upon BDO’s more than 100 years of experience helping clients achieve the best value across sectors and asset classes, our Infrastructure Advisory practice can help you meet today’s challenges. We have not only helped public sector agencies with the most complex innovative projects, but we have served the public as agency leaders. BDO knows the public sector because we have served in the public sector and have faced the challenges of advancing new ideas in difficult environments. With our complementary private sector experience, we understand how to unite public and private entities to manage risk and help ensure timely and thorough project execution.

Our professionals are committed to providing exceptional client service:

Collaborative Approach
We will allocate the resources you need and work with your team at all levels to help ensure a comprehensive delivery model. Our approach is flexible and scalable.

Deep Industry Experience
Members of our national industry groups bring to our clients the broad-based experience, in-depth knowledge, and business savvy that will be critical to your success.

Early and Continuous Senior Resources Involvement
Our senior level professionals and resources are actively engaged throughout a project.

Effective Communication
Regular, proactive two-way communication throughout each project is an essential cornerstone of our practice.

Our projects are independent and objective, and we are highly reputable in the marketplace.

Any issues that may arise will be quickly addressed as our experienced and technical professionals will work side by side with you.

  • Value-added services and value for money for the duration of the project
  • Program-focused results for each project and alongside our clients as they build new programs for innovative project delivery
  • Improved infrastructure, regardless of size or sector, for any community