Financial Modeling and Quantitative Analysis Services

Accuracy in business financials is foundational

See Your Financial Picture — Precisely.

As currents continuously shift in the regulatory, economic and competitive environments both locally and globally, accurately seeing your business or organization's financials is essential.

Whether a clear picture of your business's financials is needed for strategic planning purposes, business valuation, efficient resource allocation, or intelligence ahead of a potential transaction, our professionals can analyze and simplify the complex for your business's individual needs.

As part of our financial modeling and quantitative analysis offerings, we provide various related services, including actuarial services, capital structure modeling, derivative services, economic modeling, financial modeling, forecasting and budgeting, model risk management, pricing/valuation and real estate analysis.

Teaming up with BDO is a collaborative experience. However, what sets us apart is the depth of knowledge and attentiveness our practitioners bring to analyzing complexity in order to provide clear, understandable snapshots for business applications.

How BDO Can Help


CECL Implementation

To help with this complex process requiring multiple checks and balances, we can leverage model operations to accelerate CECL implementation and help improve accuracy.


Independent Price Verification (IPV)

We can independently reprice assets and liabilities and assign fair value hierarchy levels.


LIBOR Transition/SOFR Implementation

We help mitigate risk and limit business disruption with implementation services including assessments, communication guidance and modeling and reporting considerations.


Model Risk Management

We can provide governance and oversight by identifying and managing risk associated with models.


Fair Lending Assessment

We can identify and measure lending risk to help ensure that financial institutions not only treat potential customers equitably, but that they also implement processes and technologies to support ongoing compliance. 


Valuation Controls – Compliance Reviews

We can review and enhance the valuation control function, including independent price verification.


Regulatory Compliance

Amidst ever-growing compliance pressure, we can help companies cut compliance costs and improve service reliability with new technologies that are changing the way risk management and regulatory compliance requirements are addressed and delivered.


IPO Readiness

BDO professionals have deep experience working with high-growth companies and private equity firms and can help navigate how to go public through the traditional IPO, SPAC or other exit process.

Global Value Chain

BDO’s Global Value Chain Solutions help you overcome obstacles, unlock new value for customers and evolve your supply chain in sync with our increasingly connected world.

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