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Mastering risk through innovation.

Advances in digital technology are transforming the way Internal Audit (IA) and Regulatory Compliance processes are performed, providing an opportunity for an IA function to become a value creator for the enterprise.

At BDO, we leverage digital technology to support a wide variety of Risk and Compliance processes for our clients. Whether it’s advanced analytics, robotic process automation, continuous auditing, or continuous monitoring, BDO provides tech-enabled, agile risk services that prioritize strategy and reduce the cost of compliance.

Digital Risk solutions can drive value for our clients in the following areas:

As you think about ways to optimize your SOX Controls environment, a unique opportunity exists to leverage digital tools to drive process and control efficiency, while maximizing value from your digital technology investments. What if you could:

  • fully automate the way an IT or business process control owner operates the control?
  • automate the controls testing performed by compliance or audit professionals all the way through to the actual documentation of their procedures and results?
  • enable continuous monitoring and testing, while staying ahead of ongoing regulatory changes?
Our Intelligent Automation Controls (IAC) solutions provide a proactive and cost-effective way to gain efficiencies and confidence in your SOX Controls environment. Our proprietary Control Diagnostic tool (SOX Insights) can offer insights into how the execution or testing of SOX Controls can be rationalized, optimized and automated. Combined with our repository of pre-built Control Automation solutions, which cover a wide variety of business and IT processes, IAC solutions can:
  • Reduce costs – operate and test controls more easily, and spend less time on remediation
  • Enhance compliance – the standardized and simplified control environment helps ensure compliance
  • Improve resiliency – proactively manage risk and allow your control environment to match your pace of scale
  • Digitally integrate – IAC provides the foundation for tech-enabled controls to support your digital transformation initiatives
Intelligent Automation Controls can be leveraged in a wide variety of applications:
  • SOD Monitoring & Testing
  • User Access & Provisioning
  • Change Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Invoice Processing
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Procurement/Sourcing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Order Processing
  • Workforce Compliance
  • Management Review Controls
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Data informs everything around us – is your firm’s IA function included?

BDO’s Data Analytics and Automation solutions can be embedded in all phases of the Internal Audit (IA) lifecycle to identify and prioritize risk. Our approach for selecting analytics-enabled Internal Audits paired with our library of pre-built Data Analytics Risk solutions can accelerate the time to value for our clients.

Your Internal Audit team can be easily trained and upskilled to take advantage of our Data Analytics and Automation solutions, bringing your firm:

  • Cost savings – operate and test controls more easily, and spend less time on remediatio
  • Enhanced compliance – the standardized and simplified control environment helps ensure compliance
  • Increased resiliency – proactively manage risk and allow your control environment to match your pace of scale
  • Digital integration – our automation solutions provide the foundation to support your firm’s digital transformation initiatives
Audit Analytics can improve:
  • Employee to Vendor Master Comparison
  • Invoice and Payment
  • Vendor Integrity
  • Expense Reporting
  • Cybersecurity Analytics
  • Journal Entry Testing
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The proliferation of digital technology is having a profound impact on the audit profession. BDO’s approach can accelerate the adoption of digital technology for IA departments by placing client resources at the center of the digital journey. What if you could:Venn Diagram of Digital Internal Audit

  • quickly identify processes where digital technology can have an immediate impact, and quantify the value for the organization?
  • visualize the digital transformation roadmap with key activities, roles and value-based milestones?
  • train and upskill your internal audit staff in new digital tools to enable citizen-led innovation?
  • swiftly build Risk Analytics solutions to demonstrate the value of digital technology for high- value areas?
BDO’s digital transformation strategy for IA functions embeds automation and analytics in every phase of the audit lifecycle. Our digital upskilling of IA professionals allows for a quick deployment of digital risk tools in a cost-efficient manner. The technology toolkit goes beyond automation and analytics technology and leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify new and emerging risks.

With BDO helping guide your firm’s digital transformation, you can increase the digital IQ of your IA team, drive efficiencies and effectiveness with automation, and keep a close eye on blind spots with the help of AI.

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Continuous risk monitoring solutions leverage digital technology allowing Internal IA and Business teams to decide more quickly and accurately where to focus their attention and resources. What if you could:

  • automate how management assesses the effectiveness and accuracy of business and IT controls?
  • evolve from a traditional, static annual audit plan to a more agile audit program?
  • reduce the cost of executing and testing control procedures?
  • rapidly make risk-related decisions?
Flow chart of proprietary, pre-built automation and data analytics solutionsBDO leverages a library of proprietary, pre-built automation and data analytics solutions, which allows businesses to transition to continuous controls monitoring and auditing processes to streamline:
  • Journal entry testing
  • SOD Monitoring
  • User Access & Provisioning
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Fraud Detection
  • Workforce Compliance
  • Cybersecurity
  • P&L Flux Analysis
Our Control Monitoring solutions are easy to deploy and help your team manage end-to-end SOX Compliance and IA programs with reduced risk exposure, improved effectiveness, reduced compliance costs, and increased risk coverage.

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