• Fee Accounting

The accounting services public housing authorities need.

As part of our fee accounting services, we help our clients process their monthly accounting information. Our dedicated professionals have experience completing monthly financial statements, budgeting, and year-end reporting, along with preparing materials that include monthly bank reconciliations, “simple cash flows,” and everything in between.

Our fee accounting services also include: 
  • Budgeting and year-end reporting to HUD/REAC
  • Work papers for independent auditors
  • Financial statements in the format that you and your board require
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Adjusting journal entries
  • Recording receipts and disbursements
  • Maintenance of a general ledger of all authority activity
  • Financial reports, custom tailored to your needs
  • Submission of the FDS and scoring of your financial and management ratios
  • Preparation of a “simple” cash flow
  • Preparation and submission of monthly 52681-B form (VMS) to REAC
  • Monthly phone call to discuss financial reports and any areas of concern that come to our attention