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Most organizations have a privacy compliance program in place – but operationalizing it effectively and efficiently is where many fall short.

From fines to reputational damage and costly lawsuits, the consequences of inadequate third-party tracking, data subject fulfillment mechanisms and manual processes are significant for any organization. Now, more than ever, organizations must invest in privacy and data protection operations.  

BDO understands that privacy and data protection is a responsibility borne by every member of an organization. From maturity assessments and Data Protection by Design and Default to training and awareness initiatives, we leverage our firm and industry knowledge to better prepare your team to build, manage and monitor privacy and data protection operations.  And for organizations that need to scale their resources to meet evolving privacy and data protection demands, we provide a one-stop global solution through our managed services.

Specializing in global data protection and E.U. and U.S. privacy compliance, we go beyond security management to provide the subject matter knowledge and specific insights you need.

How BDO Can Help

Data Protection Managed Services

We help organizations to manage their privacy obligations and protect personal data in compliance with data protection regulations and leading practices. BDO’s Data Protection Managed Services offer flexible models that help reduce your burden while leveraging our team to support your program on a 24x7x365 basis. To meet fluctuating data protection demands, our global team uses market leading privacy platforms and leverages experience with in-country regulators around the world. Whether you need ongoing support or short-term lift during periods of high or complex activity, we can help.

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Measure privacy program maturity and implementation against leading practices and regulatory requirements with periodic health checks. We will conduct a custom assessment using our proprietary Privacy+ framework to identify gaps, develop a program roadmap and monitor compliance.

Leverage processes and artifacts to systematically maintain your personal data inventory and develop or update your business processing activities register. We combine insights and connectivity from other related efforts, such as privacy impact assessments (PIA), asset inventories, and data mapping to maintain consistency. 

Our holistic individual rights requests fulfillment workflow reduces cost and automates as much of the process as possible. Metrics are provided on a monthly basis and escalation points are established along with standard response templates to help maximize efficiency, improve quality and reduce overhead.

Managed Data Protection by Design and Default augments existing privacy teams to implement and facilitate privacy controls monitoring, privacy risk identification, and remediation. We embed processes into IT development methodologies and vendor procurement to proactively include privacy requirements and mitigate risk.

At the core of your privacy program are the policies and procedures which establish standards for how your organization processes and protects personal data. We continuously monitor your business and regulatory changes, review program artifacts and create or update documentation so you stay up to date.

We provide custom privacy training, awareness campaigns and/or priority access to our Data Protection Academy to expand your organization’s privacy knowledge and, where applicable, prepare for International Association of Privacy Professionals exams and certifications. 

Co-sourced resources provide specific skills needed to help clients meet strategic, regulatory and operational goals for their privacy, data governance, security and compliance programs. Clients leverage the co-sourcing model to build, mature and monitor their privacy and data governance programs while benefiting from access to the leading practices from trained and vetted privacy professionals. BDO’s co-sourcing model offers clients cost reduction, scalability and agility while reducing the impact of staff turnover – resulting in better continuity and efficiency.

BDO’s Data Protection Academy offers the opportunity for all BDO clients and privacy professionals to take advantage of the insights provided by our trained and certified professionals. An authorized International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) training program, our program covers Privacy Program Management (CIPM), U.S. Private-Sector Privacy (CIPP/US), European Data Protection (CIPP/E), and Privacy in Technology (CIPT) courses.

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