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Privacy compliance strategies that reduce risk and mitigate threats

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Data privacy is more than a matter of compliance – it’s the bedrock of stakeholder trust.

From regulators and consumers to society at large, scrutiny of privacy and data protection practices continues to grow in the wake of data breaches, disinformation campaigns and information misuse. Privacy and data protection must be an integral part of every company’s operating model, monitored and measured for compliance, with clear lines of responsibility and authority.

BDO can help assess the health of your organization’s privacy and data protection behaviors and develop holistic strategies to maintain effective operations that meet regulatory obligations. Using our deep experience with regulators around the world and a team of in-country professionals allows us to work with you to design a comprehensive privacy program that protects your business. 

Bringing together privacy engineers, technologists, legal professionals, and privacy and security practitioners, we take a balanced approach that drives compliance without stifling innovation. The global privacy and data protection team is experienced testifying experts that are able to provide expert reports, privacy and security monitorship services, and independent assessments.

How BDO Can Help


BDO’s assessments and audits are based on the Fair Information Principles as well as supporting regulatory frameworks, industry standards, and certification criteria.  
Project Phases: 
Phase I: Planning and Scoping
Phase II: Discovery
Phase III: Analysis
Phase IV: Reporting and Presentation

BDO works with clients to select and implement privacy and data protection compliance tools and technologies such as:
  • Privacy Enhancing Technology
  • Enterprise Privacy Management
  • Privacy Program Management
We assist with:
  • Assessing the current program to recommend tools and technologies
  • Configuring privacy enhancing technologies
  • Managing the RFP and selection processes
  • Evaluating consumer ad personalization options
  • Reviewing end user privacy-first enterprise tools (search, browsing, messaging)
  • Evaluating anonymity and pseudonymity tools to combat consumer surveillance
  • Administering and supporting ongoing privacy technology management needs

We help clients evaluate and implement website and mobile app practices to comply with global, regional, and sector-specific laws. BDO assists with: 
  • Implementing cookie, website, and app consent management capabilities to address pixel, beacon, and automated decision-making through source code analysis.
  • Integrating and monitoring the use of technology and third-party cookies

We help our clients by providing outsourced privacy compliance services, including:
  • Data Protection Managed Services (‘DPMS’)
  • Data Protection Officer-as-a-Service (‘DPOaaS’)
  • Cookie Auditing as-a-Service (‘CAaaS’)
  • Data Protection Academy (‘DPA’)

Our team in more than 160 countries is available to assist you with in country and global needs.

We work with clients to embed privacy and data protection into enterprise processes, the software development lifecycle, vendor management practices, and Mobile App and website designs. This includes: 
  • Evaluation of Data Protection by Design and by Default programs.
  • Implementation of privacy and security controls into the design and operation of IT systems, networks, and business operations.
  • Implementation of good privacy practices.
  • Development of new and updates to existing Data Protection by Design and by Default programs.
  • Integration of automated data inventories, Records of Processing Activities Register and Data Protection by Design and Default programs.

For more than 10 years BDO has operated in the assessor and federal monitoring sector. We provide and have provided services for large and high-profile monitor and assessor orders.

We help our clients to respond to consumer, credit reporting, SEC, FTC, HIPAA, GLBA, among other consumer protection laws and regulations.

Our process includes:
  • Workplan Development: Set out the testing methods, procedures, and methodologies.
  • Testing: Perform test work and assess compliance.
  • Metrics Testing: Define metrics and perform statistical sampling to validate reviews and compliance assessments.
  • Specific Testing: Perform specific testing protocols required under the Order.
  • Ongoing Assessments: Provide qualified, objective, and independent third-party assessment on compliance areas such as FCRA, identity theft protection, customer service and employee monitoring and document management.

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