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December 15, 2021
Nonprofits are not exempt from the current labor market shortages associated with the “great...
Blog Post
August 30, 2021
Effective July 1, 2021, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) adopted an interim...
Blog Post
August 16, 2021
Over the past year and a half, many nonprofit organizations were faced with a difficult...
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It is essential for nonprofit entities to understand the unique regulatory, economic, accounting, reporting, and auditing aspects in which they operate. BDO’s various guides and resources can help organization’s adapt to the ever changing landscape you face.

Nonprofit Issues

Nonprofit Finance
How Nonprofits Can Manage Change with Financial Technology
November 17, 2021
Strong financial infrastructure is key for any nonprofit, and knowing when to change financial...
New Accounting Standards Upcoming Effective Dates for Public and Private Companies
November 16, 2021
In this publication, we’ve summarized the new accounting standards with mandatory effective...
Board Governance
Data Shows Nonprofits are Optimistic for 2022
November 11, 2021
Over the past 18 months, the nonprofit industry has felt an accordion effect of pressures...
Higher Education
How Colleges & Universities Can Plan for Long-Term Success
October 15, 2021
When considering how they should position their institutions over the long term, leaders of...
Sector Trends
BDO Knows Community Resilience
October 15, 2021
When communities have the resources they need to thrive, they are more resilient to disruptions...
Nonprofit Management
Top Considerations for the Nonprofit Sector, Part Two
September 30, 2021
Many nonprofits are dealing with the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic as well as increased...
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Events, Webinars & Social

Blog Post
July 21, 2021
Since navigating the headwinds of the past year, nonprofit organizations have reimagined their...
Blog Post
July 08, 2021
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future was still very uncertain. Many nonprofits...
Blog Post
June 09, 2021
Are you tired of the “new normal,” logging into yet another virtual meeting and hoping your...
Blog Post
June 01, 2021
2020 was quite the year. While we started off with record highs in the stock market, by mid-March...
Blog Post
May 03, 2021
Universities and colleges in the U.S. are facing a challenging paradox. Over the past 20 years...


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December 15, 2021
Nonprofits are not exempt from the current labor market shortages associated with the “great resignation.” The pandemic, social and political events, and the relentlessness of navigating both personal and professional priorities created a perfect storm.