• Life at BDO

Life at BDO


We believe that our success as a firm depends on helping our clients, our communities, and especially our people thrive. And so we strive to give our employees what they need to grow both professionally and personally – from the flexibility to find work+life fit to the opportunity to give back to their communities. 

At BDO, we give our people the resources they need both in and outside of the office, so they can better serve our clients – and build successful careers for themselves. That’s why, in addition to traditional benefits such as compensation and health-related insurance, we offer rewards that meet each of our employees’ unique needs. BDO Total Rewards includes a wide range of options, from education reimbursement and pet insurance to employee referral bonuses and a wellness program. We also offer a competitive Paid Time Off (PTO) package, featuring 12 paid holidays each year, including a firm-wide closure between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

What’s good for our people is what’s good for BDO. That’s why we’ve created a flexible work environment that accommodates the needs – and wants – of everyone we work with. Whether someone needs to fulfill a family obligation or change their schedule to accommodate a client in another time zone, flexibility is essential for success in today’s increasingly connected, 24/7 work environment.

And for us, flexibility is more than a program – it’s a cultural mindset. We embrace the fact that every individual has a unique set of needs, responsibilities, and interests. By allowing our people to adjust where, when, and how they work, we help our people work smarter, be happier, and stay successful for the long term.

Greener business is better business. We’re committed to protecting the planet by improving our business efficiencies, including both firm-wide recycling initiatives and local efforts to reduce energy consumption. We encourage all of our people to take responsibility for their environmental impact.

BDO is committed to serving the communities we operate in. With nationwide programs and numerous local service initiatives, we give our individual people – and collective offices – plenty of opportunity to give back by serving food at soup kitchens, planting trees, assisting the elderly, and more. BDO Counts encourages employees to go beyond the typical corporate fundraiser, and give their time to real, hands-on pursuits.

We’re dedicated to attracting and retaining talent with unique backgrounds and experiences. We believe diverse perspectives make our firm better at what we do, as well as a better place to work.

Offering a series of professional networks, activities, and program sponsorships, BDO is committed to empowering all our people to advance and succeed – whoever they are, and wherever they’re from, and whatever their personal experience. We offer a wide variety of resources to our employees, including mentoring opportunities for women, as well as an alliance group for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We also provide interactive training course on unconscious bias that are intended to spark conversation and initiate awareness across our organization. Learn more about BDO’s inclusion strategy and related programs.

Core Values

BDO’s core values establish a set of principles and behaviors embodied by our work, our relationships, and our professionals. They define what we stand for as a firm, guiding us every day as we navigate the many complexities and opportunities of our industry.

People First. BDO strives to maintain an inclusive working environment where teamwork and relationships are what matter most.

Exceptional: Every Day, Every Way. We deliver the industry’s highest standards of service – and integrity, too. We believe that client relationships are based not only on technical excellence and analytic insight, but on respect, trust, and transparency.

Embrace Change. In a complex and dynamic world, clients expect their advisors to be forward-thinking and insightful about all aspects of their business. At BDO, we are always learning and growing – as people and as professionals.

Empowerment Through Knowledge. Exceptional client service requires exceptional depth of knowledge. It also means sharing that knowledge with our clients and with each other.

Choose Accountability. BDO professionals take personal responsibility for their work. No matter what, we deliver on promises and obligations to our clients and co-workers alike.

These core values allow us to be genuine and fair in our judgments, to build deeper relationships with our clients and each other, and to create an inclusive, adaptable culture for our people. These are the standards to which we hold ourselves as professionals, as individuals, and as a firm, and they’re what make BDO a dynamic and enjoyable place to work.