• How We Recharge

How We Recharge

Like any exciting job, accounting and advisory can sometimes be stressful. How do busy professionals recharge? Lots of ways! We asked our professionals about how they manage to maintain their professional energy. Here are some of our favorites:
I’ve been playing hockey since I was five, which is only one year after I decided to become an accountant. Kidding. But it has always been my go-to stress-reliever. If I’m not on the ice at least two or three times a week, I start getting antsy.
Brian Ferguson, Assurance Senior Manager
I started dancing in high school. My first busy season I was staffed on an intense project involving three audits for seven separate entities. There was a huge learning curve, and I kept getting so frustrated. I realized part of the problem was I wasn’t dancing! My advice? That passion you had as a kid – don’t forget about it. It might be just the thing.
Tamera Pumphrey, Campus Recruiter, former Assurance Senior
I love volunteering. I actually just got back from Germany where I was helping refugees from Afghanistan and Iran integrate into Western society. That part of my life is so different from accounting – for me, it really helps to balance things.
Sarah Massom, Tax Managing Director
I’m always looking for new adventures with my family. Last summer we rented an RV and headed out west. Unfortunately, the RV broke down in Western Iowa, and we ended up in the back of a police cruiser riding to the nearest town, RV in tow. Better luck next adventure!
Sara Hendrix, Tax Partner

Busy Season Breaks Spotlight

Busy Season is not accidentally named. Each business line has their busy seasons, where they work longer and harder hours – yeah, you can get a little run-down. BDO believes in the importance of “predictable work breaks” throughout the year – especially during busy season. Our #BusySeasonBreaks (strongly!) encourages teams to take a few hours away from work at least one day each week. “We’re balancing our work and our lives,” said Human Resources Director, Rachel Bradford-Mundt. “And we’re getting our jobs done.”